What You Should Consider Before Buying Thick-Cut Bacon

Everything is better with bacon! Fry it, bake it, microwave, or air fry; however you cook it up, bacon is a food loved by the masses, states Kitchn. Toss a few pieces into a pot of beans or chop it up for spaghetti carbonara; the slim-cut pork belly blends seamlessly into various dishes.

What's more, the leftover bacon grease can also be used to make popcorn, bake biscuits, fry burgers, and scramble eggs (via The Pioneer Woman). The grease's flavor imparts a savory taste so delicious that you'll want to use every ounce.

The bacon aisle is loaded with various types of sliced pork, from turkey bacon to center-cut. Selecting your type can be confusing, so we are here to give you a few pointers on what you should consider before buying thick-cut bacon. Cuts of pork belly differ, and the one you choose could make or break your breakfast.

Thick-cut bacon cooks better than thin cuts

Thick-cut bacon cooks better than thinner cuts, so feel free to splurge! According to Eat This Not That, thick bacon cooks up with a crispy outside and chewy, meaty inside. It isn't as greasy as its counterpart, either. Thick-cut bacon means there is more fat per piece to cook down, so you get a delicious amount of flavor in every bite. Thicker cuts may cost more, but you gain more in taste and ease of cooking.

If you need chopped bacon for a pasta dish or soup recipe then thick-cut bacon maintains its shape better than traditional thinner slices because it is twice as thick. (via Food Network). So, chopping up a few pieces of the thicker cut of pork will hold up well in your dish. However you slice it, crispy bacon is delicious and thick slices are definitely worth the extra gravy.