How To Cook Bacon If You Don't Like It Crispy

This simple trick keeps your strips chewy and evenly cooked every time

If you don't like crispy bacon (we forgive you), here's a simple trick for getting perfectly chewy, evenly cooked strips every time.

Cook bacon in water.

If you've never tried this technique before, stay with us. It's not as weird as it sounds.

After placing bacon in a hot skillet, pour just enough water to cover it and cook on high heat until the water boils.

Keep the heat at medium high while the water cooks off and turn down to medium until the bacon is browned and cooked evenly through.

The water cools down the cooking temperature, which helps keep the bacon tender. As Bryan Roof from America's Test Kitchen says, cooking it this way leaves you with "plump bacon that's pleasantly crisp and not tough or brittle." Mmmmm, bacon.