How To Quickly Elevate Your Steak's Flavor After It's Done Cooking

If you love steak, then you know that there's a huge variety of cuts out there for you to enjoy, from tender filet mignons to well-marbled ribeyes to bone in T-bones, and a wide range of cooking methods, too, from grilling to broiling to searing in cast iron.

The cut (and quality) of the steak you choose and your preferred cooking method are both ways to enhance the flavor of this beloved food, but, of course, seasoning is paramount when it comes to bringing out the best of steak. This deluxe animal protein takes well to a generous amount of coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper (via The Spruce Eats), and spice rubs and marinades are an option for boosting flavor, too.

All of the above methods for flavoring steak come into play before it is cooked, but luckily, there are additional opportunities for boosting its flavor after it comes off the grill or the sauté pan.

Rub some garlic all over your steak

Seasoning generously with salt, coating with steak rub, or bathing in a marinade are all excellent ways to boost steak's flavor before it hits the grill or cast iron skillet. But what if you're looking to add some additional zing after the steak has cooked? This is a common tack followed by steakhouses all over the world, which will, variously, top cooked steak with a round of compound butter, serve it with herbaceous chimichurri, or slather it in tangy steak sauce.

These are all great options if you have the time, but if you don't, why not dip into your pantry's supply of fresh garlic? As suggested by Today, all you have to do is slice a clove of garlic in half and rub it over your cooked steak, adding a subtle allium flavor to the juicy meat. Hey, if it works for garlic bread, why not for beef, too?