Use Up Leftovers To Improve Frozen Pizza

Pizza is excellent, but a customized pizza with added fresh toppings is even better. Don't just toss your frozen pizza into the oven. Pep up the flavor and create a personalized pie your whole family loves by sprinkling it with whatever your heart desires.

Pizza is a quick, fun food whether it is eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. There are many ways to enhance the flavor of frozen pizza, creating a healthier version of the pie. For example, The Globe and Mail say that choosing a thin crust cuts sodium and calories, and selecting whole-grain options increase fiber content. Cutting back on portions, saucy dips, and blotting excess oil from the pizza also helps amp up the health factor. The site also recommends adding your own ingredients to fortify your next slice.

You have many options when it comes to adding pizza toppings. Here are the best ingredients that can improve your frozen pie.

Upgrade frozen pizza with veggies, meats, and cheeses

Want to spruce up your frozen pizza at home? Insider says that jazzing up a store-bought pizza is simple. Add a few fresh ingredients such as veggies, pulled pork, sauces, peppers, infused olive oil or nuts to your pizza pie. Lemon juice and fresh parmesan also add upgraded flavor.

Speaking of cheese, do you love extra cheese on your pizza? Sprinkle feta, mozzarella, provolone, ricotta, or pepper jack on your pie (via Taste of Home). Insider also recommends thawing your pizza first, then customizing your pie with toppings. Crave an ultra-crispy crust? Forgo the baking sheet and foil and poke holes in the bottom of the crust. Then, place that pizza directly on the oven rack and bake in your pre-heated oven.

The Kitchn recommends finishing your pizza under the broiler for extra melty cheese and toasty toppings without a too-crispy crust. One to two minutes under the broiler at the end of baking should do the trick. Chef Jamie Lynch said that adding toppings at the end of baking is a fantastic way to upgrade your pizza. He told Insider, "Not many people think to garnish their pizza after it's done cooking, but this actually adds a ton of unexpected flavors and texture."