The Real Reason You Need To Let Frozen Pizza Rest Before Cutting It

It's no surprise that as lives remain hectic and more people have been home during the pandemic, frozen pizza sales have continued on an upward trajectory. According to Statista, frozen pizza sales amounted to about $6.06 billion in 2021, while it was $5.47 billion in 2020. The increased purchase of frozen pizzas is part of a larger trend of rising sales of frozen food items globally. According to Future Market Insights, through 2031, large-sized frozen pizza sales are anticipated to be about 50% of the global value share of the market. 

Helping to fuel sales of frozen pizza is the sheer variety from which to choose: pepperoni or vegetarian; deep dish or thin crust; extra cheesy or no cheese. The varieties of pizzas available in the frozen food aisles continue to increase to meet different dietary restrictions and diets, according to Baking Business, from gluten-free crusts to Keto diet-friendly pizza. While choosing which pizza out of the many kinds available at your area grocery store can be challenging, baking it shouldn't be. Even though the cooking directions are fairly simple, often the end result is a messy let-down. The good news is there is a trick to help you get a better frozen pizza from the oven.

Patience is key

As much as you want to cut into your freshly-baked frozen pizza, it's best to wait a few minutes, says Chef Amy Riolo. They explained to Insider that by waiting for the pizza to cool for a few minutes, the flavors become more blended and the melted cheese won't stick as readily to the knife or pizza cutter. Taste of Home also warns that by cutting into a pizza too early, it could be too hot and the cheese and toppings could slide around while dividing it into slices. 

What's the best amount of time to wait? Dogtown Pizza recommends letting the pizza pie cool for about two minutes before slicing. When it comes to cutting the pizza into slices, Dogtown also states that a pizza cutter is best, but a knife will do just fine. Whether you are cooking up a classic pepperoni pizza or going all out with a fully-loaded deep dish with cheese in the crust, use patience and let the pizza settle before cutting into the pie for the best pie.