New Girl Scout Makeup Collection Was Inspired By Your Favorite Cookies

We're still several months away from the next Girl Scout cookie season. According to the organization, most Girl Scout councils typically decide to sell cookies between the months of January and April. But thanks to cosmetics brand HipDot's newest launch, you can still get your cookie fix.

The Girl Scout-themed release is not the first time HipDot has joined forces with unlikely collaborators. As Tasting Table reported at the time, the company announced its instant noodle-themed makeup collection, inspired by the classic colors and flavors of Cup Noodles, in early May. Per its site, some of HipDot's other unexpected launches have been in partnership with brands like Hello Kitty, Reese's, and Peeps.

According to HipDot's website, the HipDot x Girl Scouts collection consists of two eyeshadow palettes ($16 each), a set of three lipstick shades ($20), and a set of two brushes ($16). If you're hoping to snag all seven items, you have the option to get them in an $84 collector's box.

HipDot x Girl Scouts

Per HipDot's site, the two pigment palettes are inspired by Girl Scouts' Thin Mints and coconut caramel cookies, respectively. Not only do these shadows look the part, but they're scented to further evoke the sweet sensation of eating your favorite cookie. The Thin Mint palette features warm browns, shimmering golds, and muted green hues, while the coconut caramel palette balances delicate pinks with cool grays. The lightly scented lipsticks (inspired by lemon cookies, coconut caramel, and Thin Mints), come in a set of three neutral shades: peach, light pink, and taupe.

"Girl Scouts closely aligns with us in terms of the values and message we look to put out as a brand, so joining forces for this out of the (cookie) box collaboration made so much sense," said HipDot CEO Jeff Sellinger in a statement, per Food & Wine. "Whether you were a Girl Scout yourself or are a fan of the delicious cookies, we hope this collection helps inspire the same courage, confidence, and character that goes along with what Girl Scouts stands for."