Cup Noodles Fans Will Want To Know About This New Makeup Collab

Perfect for anyone who's as passionate about instant noodles as they are about makeup products, beauty brand HipDot has partnered up with Cup Noodles to create a collection inspired by the latter's iconic instant ramen. And while it might seem like an unlikely collaboration at first glance, the surprisingly versatile HipDot x Cup Noodles collection could prove to be the collab you never knew you needed. The lineup consists of three items, all of which feature tones evocative of Cup Noodles' signature packaging — and the soup inside.

The $26 pigment palette features eight eyeshadows, with colors like Diced Carrot (a vibrant orange), Soy Sauce (a rich brown), and Hot & Spicy (a glittery red). The lip and cheek set, meanwhile, includes three shades of the brand's liquid blush and lip duo and retails for $22. If you can't decide which item to purchase, you can get both for $58 in a box set, which also includes three exclusive items: a makeup bag, powder puff, and set of chopsticks, as listed on the HipDot website.

Why HipDot decided to team up with Cup Noodles

According to HipDot CEO Jeff Sellinger, the collaboration comes amid an exciting time for the Cup Noodles brand. "Cup Noodles recently celebrated its 50th anniversary, and we are so excited to expand our makeup collaboration portfolio with another cult-classic, household name in the food space," said Sellinger, per Dieline. "We love to continue creating a world in which food and beauty can exist in one, all the while surprising fans in both industries."

According to its website, Cup Noodles was created by Nissin Foods in 1971 and was the first instant noodle that could be cooked and eaten from the packaging. Nissin Foods dates back even further to 1958 and was founded by Momofuku Ando, inventor of Japan's first instant ramen.

Meanwhile, this isn't HipDot's first time partnering up with a major food brand. Dieline shares the vegan makeup company has an impressive roster of collaborators, including Tapatío hot sauce, Reese's, and Peeps.