The Decadent New Girl Scout Cookie Is Finally Available

Basically everyone has their go-to Girl Scout cookie order. Whether you prefer Thin Mints, Samoas (also known as Caramel deLites), or Peanut Butter Patties (read: Tagalongs), chances are your order fluctuates only slightly each year that presents a new variety. Though most of the relatively new flavors, like the S'mores and Toast-Yay!, were met with a warm welcome, the new Girl Scout cookie for 2022 has people seriously excited and will undoubtedly shake up your cookie selection.

This year the Girl Scout Cookie line-up features 12 different varieties, including one brand new flavor, called Adventurefuls. According to the organization's website, the new cookie is inspired by brownies bites and named for the adventurous activities Girl Scouts embark on. The new Girl Scout cookie is perfect for those who love the chewy chocolatey goodness of Samoas, but are craving even more chocolate and caramel in each bite.

And if you were anxiously waiting to try this new Girl Scout cookie, you're in luck — the 2022 season has officially begun.

How to find a box of Adventurefuls

The new Girl Scout Cookie starts off with a decadent and deeply chocolate "brownie-inspired" cookie. At the center of the cookie (very much like a jam-filled thumb-print cookie) Adventurefuls have a dollop of caramel-flavored creme, topped with a pinch of sea salt. It's the perfect combination of sweet and salty for an indulgent bite that shakes things up from past chocolatey Girl Scout offerings (via Girl Scouts).

With the new Adventurefuls cookies on the forefront of your mind, you might already be putting your order together to make sure you get everything you want to try. (Or maybe you want to stock up on cookies to keep in the freezer for the rest of the year, no one's judging.) While local cookie sales will vary in start dates, you can easily locate Girl Scout booths or place your order online through the Girl Scouts website.

Once you determine when and where you can get your cookies, you can start figuring out your order for the 2022 season in earnest — and if you're a chocolate fan, don't forget to try at least one box of the new Adventurefuls.