Taco Bell Is Giving Mexican Pizza Superfans The Gift Of Music

Taco Bell is heating things up this year, pleasing devoted diners by announcing that it is bringing back nacho fries, planning a major expansion, and throwing a drag brunch in five U.S. cities. The restaurant chain even rolled out a spicy new luggage line that you could use to travel to its Taco Bell wedding venue in Las Vegas. It might be hard to "live mas" than that.

However, there's likely no news more exciting than the reemergence of the Mexican Pizza. Made of two crispy tortillas sandwiching beans and ground beef, then smothered with sauce, cheese, and tomatoes, the menu item has what could be considered a cult following, even after it was removed from the menu in November 2020 (via Food Network). After a year that had already taken a lot from everyone, news that Taco Bell's Mexican pizza was going away inspired massive discontent among fans of the fast food phenom. Fans of the menu item took immediate action by creating a Change.org petition demanding its return.

In a press release posted on September 3, 2020, Taco Bell blamed packaging waste as the culprit for the then-impending omission of Mexican pizza from the menu, citing that it created over 7 million pounds of paper waste in the U.S. each year. Finally on April 18, 2022, Taco Bell shared its commitment to sustainability and indicated that processes have been put in place to make Mexican Pizza production possible once more.

Where's the music?

Taco Bell rarely makes moves without spicing things up, so it is accompanying the Mexican Pizza's return with another type of release — a musical.

Doja Cat recently took to TikTok to release her own ditty about Taco Bell's Mexican pizza, and also announced the menu item's return during her Coachella performance, as reported by E! News. However, Doja Cat is not alone among musical celebrities who want Taco Bell's treasured treat to make a comeback. Food Network shares that Dolly Parton also has fond memories of Mexican Pizza, and recently expressed wanting to see its return to the restaurant's menu.

And so, "Mexican Pizza: The Musical" was born. Food & Wine reports that Doja Cat and Dolly Parton have paired up to bring the musical to life and are collaborating with others, including well-known TikTokers like Victor Kunda, Abigail Barlow, and Emily Bear. Parton confirmed her involvement in the project on Instagram.

According to Food & Wine, the satirical show will feature original music and is being produced by Live Mas Productions. There aren't many details about the plot, but the subtitle on the script Dolly Parton shared via Instagram is "Based on the true story of the Internet losing its mind." That line is intriguing enough to believe that there may be many viewers who choose to tune in. "Mexican Pizza: The Musical" will be released on TikTok May 26.