Taco Bell Now Has A Wedding Chapel

Perfect for those who don't mind smelling like a chalupa on their wedding day

Add this to the list of the strangest places on earth to get married: Taco Bell. The fast-food company is offering taco lovers the chance to get hitched in its new Las Vegas Cantina flagship, which is open 24 hours a day, has a chapel and a DJ booth, and serves booze in Slurpee form. (Meanwhile, you can get engaged with a gold pizza ring from Domino's and, oh, register there, too.)

Starting this summer, brides can walk down the aisle with bouquets of sauce packets, donning ultra-classy Taco Bell garters while grooms strap on Taco Bell bow ties. The $600 package, which can be ordered off the menu (as long as you have a valid marriage license), also includes branded Champagne flutes (you can drag them out when Aunt June comes over) and a Taco 12 Pack.

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Those looking to be the first couple to get married while chalupas fry in the background will have to try their hand at the Love & Tacos Contest and Happily Ever Crashers Sweepstakes. Couples can enter the contest starting today by Tweeting a photo of themselves or sharing a 30-second Instagram video telling their love story with the hashtag #LoveAndTacosContest. On February 26, when the sweepstakes close, the public will cast their votes. The winners will have their wedding live-streamed to the world. 

Please note: Tasting Table strongly advises consulting your future in-laws before getting married in a chapel where Crunchwrap Supremes are being made.