Salt & Straw Just Announced 2 New Floral Ice Cream Flavors

Salt & Straw is introducing two new ice cream flavors just in time for spring. Their newest flavors, according to a press release, are their Pistachio Rose Water with Strawberry Mochi and Saffron & Honey with Crystalized Flower Petals. These decadent new flavors are brand new for this year, and are being packaged as a part of their Pint of the Month Flower Power series.

The Portland, Oregon-based ice cream company is no stranger to original and bold flavors. Last month, they launched a line of flavors based on favorite Saturday Morning Cereals. According to the Portland Tribune, cousins Kim and Tyler Malek opened the "farm to cone" ice cream maker in 2011. They originally sold their sweet treats out of a food cart, but now have locations in Washington, Oregon, California, and Florida. According to their company website, Salt & Straw is about more than just ice cream, "We make ice cream about the ingredients we use and the farms and artisans they come from." With every flavor they develop, they set out to incorporate ingredients and ideas that reflect the communities where they reside.

Salt & Straw offers spring in a cone

Salt & Straw says their new Pistachio Rose Water with Strawberry Mochi ice cream was inspired by the Middle Eastern combination of pistachio and rose water. This combination was chosen as a tribute to the Persians who are said to have originally invented ice cream. If that wasn't enough to get you excited they also added bites of scratch-made butter mochi cake, marbled with strawberry butter. They say, in a press release, "It's insanely decadent, yet incredibly light and airy — just like those sunny early spring days."

Their second new flavor is the Saffron & Honey with Crystalized Flower Petals. They call this flavor a "floral wallop" that's boasts a vibrant mix of colors that would give a Spring bouquet a run for its money. They infuse cream with Bee Local honey, marigold petals, and saffron before folding in a mix of candied cornflowers.

These two new flavors are also joined by vegan offering Mathilde's Hibiscus & Coconut Sherbet, Rhubarb Crumble with Toasted Anise, and Jasmine Milk Tea & Chocolate Almond Stracciatella. All of these richly floral flavors will be available at all of their locations for the next month, and are also available for order online.