Trader Joe's New Ice Cream Flavor Is Just In Time For Spring

With spring right around the corner, many have fresh, bright flavors on their mind. Trader Joe's likely knows this, and the grocery chain recently added just the item to its freezer aisle to satisfy your sweet tooth. Though the budget-friendly grocery store has recently added a couple of options to its ice cream bin — including its vegan black tea and boba ice cream made with coconut milk – the latest pint that has Trader Joe's fans excited on Instagram is adorably named When Life Gives You Lemons Make Ice Cream.

The new flavor was shared by Trader Joe's Instagram fan account @TraderJoesList on March 30 after a fellow Trader Joe's enthusiast sent in the tip. Within a day the post received more than 40,900 likes, so clearly shoppers are excited for the lemony frozen treat. But what might really set this ice cream apart is that the pint packs more than just a zippy citrus flavor like you might expect from a classic lemon sorbet. 

The lemon ice cream is more complex than you might expect

According to the photo shared by Instagram user @TraderJoesList, the new flavor is made with lemon ice cream swirled with even more lemon, which has shortbread cookie bites mixed throughout. While the fan account didn't share its own opinion on the new ice cream, there were several followers who had already tried the When Life Gives You Lemons Make Ice Cream flavor and chimed in with their thoughts.

While some were disappointed the dessert isn't gluten-free, those who have tried the ice cream appear to think it's a hit. One fan described the frozen treat as being, "creamy subtle lemon ... with very tart, almost jam-like lemon swirls and occasional generous chunks of shortbread cookie." They recommended adding fresh raspberries to take the dessert to the next level. Another stated the flavor is similar to that of a lemon meringue pie.