This Surprising Floral Ingredient Will Take Your Latte Up A Notch

Most of us enjoy jumpstarting our day with a little caffeine. If you happen to find yourself reaching for a cup of coffee or your favorite latte to achieve the perfect giddy-up, you are not alone. Per Statista, 166.63 million bags of coffee were brewed from 2020 to 2021. In fact, Urban Bean Coffee reports that 64% of Americans drink a cup of Joe every day and per, Eat this, Not that! shares that the latte, made with espresso and steamed milk, is the most ordered coffee drink to the tune of an eye-popping 67 million. 

If you are a fan of this coffee drink, you may like to change things up once in a while and enjoy your latte with a dash of flavor. We love pumpkin spice for the fall and all the rich autumnal notes it hits on those crisp, cold mornings, but when spring rolls around, sometimes our taste buds require a lighter taste, more in line with the season. According to the blog The Littlest Crumb, there is a floral syrup that will send your taste buds into overdrive and kick your latte up a notch. It may even be reminiscent of a favorite Starbucks menu item.

It's a calming flavor

The Littlest Crumb reveals that lavender syrup can be a real game-changer for your morning or afternoon latte. Maybe you draw your copycat recipe inspiration from the Starbucks Honeycomb Lavender Latte, which combines the flavors of honey and lavender. Eat Delights notes the sweet taste of honey and slightly bitter, calming floral taste of lavender balance each other. The outlet also shares that whether you enjoy your latte hot or cold, the lavender syrup will work in either version of this coffee drink. 

Sounds good, huh? You can make your very own lavender syrup for a DIY lavender latte at home whenever you want to add a little calm to your coffee. The Littlest Crumb offers a pro tip for making your own syrup. It's important to avoid bringing your lavender syrup to a boil because it will cause the syrup to thicken too much during the cooling process. Instead, stick with a light simmer. And to draw the optimal flavor from the lavender, they recommend lightly pressing it with a wooden spoon as it cooks to release all its sweet, floral goodness. The best part about making your own lavender syrup is using it in your hot chocolate and cafe au lait