How To Make Lavender Hot Chocolate Video

Whether you like it or not, it's still winter—still cold, still gray, and all we want to do is curl up in a blanket and try to remember what it's like to feel warm. And though wishing the cold away isn't exactly feasible, it is possible to treat yourself to the next best thing: hot chocolate. Because let's face it, a mug of sweet, creamy, piping hot goodness is basically the answer to all your dark winter woes.

But before you head out to the nearest deli to pick up a dusty box of premade powder, watch this video and learn how to whip up a cup of Maman's luscious lavender hot chocolate.

Maman's Elisa Marshall infuses her special hot chocolate with lavender, to "give it a little twist," she says. According to Marshall, while the French-inspired treat maintains its cozy, nostalgia-inducing allure, the fragrant addition "really steps it up a notch."

To make it yourself, start by combining the milk of your choosing with the richest cocoa powder you can find. Then, grab a big pinch of lavender, massage it in with your fingers to release the aroma and mix it in. Use a milk steamer to warm the mixture or simply heat in a pan on the stove and whisk until frothy. Strain the hot chocolate into a mug and discard the lavender.

To finish it off, top with an additional sprinkling of cocoa powder. Lastly, take a long, slow sip, letting the sweet drink warm your soul and make you feel like a kid all over again.