Can Asparagus Really Help With Hangovers?

Many of us know the feeling of waking up with a hangover so intense we're willing to try almost anything to feel better. While overindulgence should never be encouraged or condoned, it happens on occasion ... and the last thing you want to hear at that critical juncture is that not drinking in the first place is the ultimate way to ward off those awful next-day symptoms.

In the never-ending search for a hangover cure, asparagus has emerged as the latest purported remedy, thanks to TikTok. Plenty of users on the platform swear by it, but does it really work? Delish decided to investigate whether the enzymes in everybody's favorite grilled veggie side dish can really help to break down alcohol, and whether its minerals and amino acids can really protect the liver from alcohol-related toxins. The answer, sadly, is not as much as we had all hoped. In fact, nutritionist and celebrity chef Serena Poon cautions against using asparagus as an excuse for excessive drinking. That said, she tells Delish that "there is really no downside to eating asparagus, unless you have an allergy."

At least it can't hurt, right?

Asparagus and the search for healthy hangover cures

Asparagus does have plenty of health benefits. Per WebMD, it's high in potassium, folic acid, and zinc, as well as being rich in vitamins like A, B6, and C. But using it to chase tequila shots in the hope of a brighter morning after? Sorry.

Guess TikTok failed us on this one. The good news is, some of the country's finest medical minds are working on the problem. Harvard Medical School has several suggestions, including getting some carbs into your system to help repair lowered blood sugar levels, and taking aspirin or pain relievers not named Tylenol (acetaminophen isn't good for an already ailing liver). B vitamins and zinc also help.

Hey, wait a minute ... It seems that a study recently published in The Journal of Clinical Medicine found that people who consumed foods rich in zinc and B vitamins in the 24-hour periods immediately before and after excessive drinking had less severe hangovers.

You mean like asparagus?