18 Best Liquors To Give On Father's Day

Trying to figure out the gift that dad wants this Father's Day can be tough. Over the years, you have likely given countless shirts and ties, pairs of socks, coffee mugs, and so much more. So this year, why not give dad what he wants: a bottle of fine liquor from around the world? 

Whether dad is a fan of vodka, gin, bourbon, or Scotch, we have compiled the ultimate list to please even the most challenging father to buy for. These are not your run-of-the-mill options either; these are the liquors your home bar should have

From over-the-top luxurious bottles to highly affordable selections, here are the best liquors to give your dad, stepdad, grandpa, mentor, or friend. Besides being utterly delicious, each spirit has a unique story that we are sure dad would love to hear while you bond over a glass, dram, or shot. Each will show him how much you care on his special day.

For the dad who has everything: WhistlePig Béhôlden single malt whiskey

If you want to achieve the status of favorite son or daughter with any dad who enjoys brown spirits, a bottle WhistlePig Béhôlden should earn that position. However, it may set you back a few car payments. The initial price of the 21-year-old single malt North American whiskey upon its March 1 release was $800, though now you will likely pay twice that amount.

Based in Vermont, WhistlePig is known for its premium rye whiskey. Over the years, the distillery has released other well-aged expressions ranging from six to 18 years old. However, WhistlePig's single malt whiskey aged 21 years stands out from the rest. It is one of the oldest single malt aged whiskey ever released in North America.

With a deep amber color, the whiskey opens with aromas of maple, smoke, and sweet spice. Double barrel-aged, first in American oak and then in high rye barrels, the 92-proof whiskey leans to the sweet and spicy side, with flavors of dried cherry, caramel, and roasted hazelnut with smoky oak and vanilla.

For the dad who appreciates fine tequila: Don Julio 1942 añejo tequila

In 1942 at the age of only 17, Don Julio González began what would become one of the world's finest producers of premium tequila. Don Julio 1942 añejo tequila honors the history of the brand and the man behind it. 

He began the company, naming it Tres Magueyes, in the heart of Jalisco, Mexico's highlands. From its start, González became a tequila disruptor, changing the traditional tequila production methods. He allowed the agave plants time to mature fully. He would only use the ripest portions of the agave's pina in his tequila, roasting them for 72 hours to obtain optimal caramelization and sweetness from the fruit. The resulting liquor was smooth, rich, and well-rounded.

Don Julio 1942 is the ideal sipping liquor, meant to be enjoyed slowly over a long conversation, something dad will surely love as much as the tequila itself. Don Julio 1942 uses these techniques to create its small-batch añejo tequila. The 80-proof spirit comes from 100% blue Weber agave and ages at least two and a half years in American oak barrels, imparting layers of toasted oak, vanilla, and butterscotch, melding with the soft floral, peppery notes of the slow-roasted agave. Elegant and inviting, each bottle costs around $177.

For the gin aficionado: The London No. 1 gin

Far too often, gin can be overwhelmingly floral or have an intense juniper berry or botanical taste. The London No. 1 harmoniously combines all three, creating a balanced, refined, delicious gin we love in anything from a martini with a twist to a bold gin and tonic or a refreshing cucumber gin gimlet.

The gin is crafted in small batches using copper pot stills in the heart of London. It uses various ingredients, including citrus peel, bergamot, cinnamon, almond, cassia, and juniper.

With striking turquoise blue color, the gin opens with aromas of fresh lilac and ginger flower, followed by citrus, herbs, and juniper flavors. Available for around $44 and bottled at 47% alcohol by volume (ABV), there is a slight burn of alcohol when tasted solo. However, the burn softens when shaken with ice in a martini, producing a perfectly dry, flavorful cocktail.

For the classic dad: The Macallan Double Cask 18 Years Old single malt Scotch

Traditional single-malt Scotch drinkers will be ecstatic to receive a bottle of The Macallan. The luxury whisky is crafted in Speyside, which is one of the main regions of Scotland that produce Scotch with distinct fruity, floral, and caramel characteristics. 

The Macallan 18 Double Cask 18 Years Old spirit ages in a combination of American and European oak barrels, seasoned with dry oloroso sherry, giving a note of fruity sweetness to the full-bodied, well-rounded 86-proof liquor. The Scotch opens with spicy aromas of ginger, cinnamon, and clove, with candied pecan and dried fruit, followed by sweet orange, toffee, toasted oak, and dark chocolate flavors.

You can likely find a bottle for around $400. We believe it is one of the best single malt scotches in the world.

For the vodka drinker: Broken Shed vodka

Utilizing a traditionally discarded product creates one of the creamiest and cleanest liquors available and an eco-friendly one. New Zealand's Broken Shed vodka includes only three ingredients, pristine water from a natural spring on the North Island, water from a 15,000-year-old South Island aquifer, and whey, the bi-product produced from making cheese. 

The whey arrives at the distillery in water, which is utilized in the fermentation of the liquor, saving the need for additional water. Distilled three times to ensure the product is crisp and pure, the vodka has delicate notes of vanilla and butterscotch. Whey gives the pure spirit a well-rounded texture, coating the mouth with a smooth, rich creaminess. 

With 40% ABV, Broken Shed is easy to sip neat or try in a vodka martini with a twist. Costing around $23, the high-quality liquor is an affordable premium vodka.

For the dad who is king of his castle: Elvis Whiskey The King straight rye whiskey

For dads who love the earthy, pronounced flavors that rye lends to a bottle of whiskey, we suggest a rye selection inspired by the king of rock-and-roll, Elvis Presley. Made in Tennessee, Elvis Whiskey's "The King" straight rye whiskey has a mash bill of 95% rye with 5% malted barley. 

With a high-rye mash bill, the 90-proof whiskey has the distinct spicy flavor of earthy, grassy rye. The grain flavor marries with subtle notes of vanilla, charred oak, and dried citrus fruit, enhanced by a minimum of two years of aging in new charred American oak barrels required to be called straight rye whiskey. However, it is the herbaceous elements coming from the grain that pops in this $50 selection, coating the palate and finishing with light cracked pepper spice.

For the rum enthusiast: Brugal Extra Viejo rum

Brgual has been crafting rum since 1888. Beginning in Cuba, then moving to the coastal town of Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic, Brugal uses island-grown sugarcane aged in barrels to produce a rich and smooth rum with distinct character. Brugal's warehouse sits along the Dominican coast where the hot and humid tropical weather heavily influences the aging spirit. As the rum ages in barrels, the wood expands and contracts in the heat as temperatures rise and fall. This expansion intensifies the flavors extracted from the oak while enhancing the rum's structure and complexity. 

Brugal Extra Viejo ages in American oak barrels formerly used for bourbon, producing a golden-colored liquor layered with warm spices like clove and nutmeg, toasted oak, cocoa, caramel, and dried orange peel. With 37.5% ABV, the $28 rum has more depth than a traditional white rum, which we love in our fruity rum runner cocktail or swapping in Brugal instead of light rum in a refreshing mojito cocktail.

For the cocktail sipping dad: Monkey Shoulder blended malted Scotch whisky

If dad fashions himself as the mixologist of the house, get him the Scotch whisky explicitly crafted for cocktails, Monkey Shoulder. The first of its kind, Monkey Shoulder's 80-proof whisky blend contains only malted Scotch and no other grains. Monkey Shoulder elevates the flavor of whisky drinks thanks to the inherent authenticity found only in malted Scotch.

Monkey Shoulder was introduced in 2005 with an impressive blend that includes Scotch from three Speyside producers, Balvenie, Glenfiddich, and Kininvie. Though today the combination is kept a secret, the taste of sweet caramel, vanilla, toasted oak, and dried fruits found in Scotch from Speyside remains. The whisky has an average retail price of around $33, a bargain for its quality.

For the dad with an adventurous palate: Re:Find kumquat flavored vodka

Re:Find Distillery was born out of the hope of working more sustainably. Winemakers turned distillers Alex, and Monica Villicana were looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly with their winery. The husband and wife team found that they and other boutique wineries were discarding the saignée (free-run juice) not used when making wine after finishing the production.

Turning this juice into liquor by fermenting and distilling, the Villacanas repurpose up to 60 acres of grapes annually from fruit grown in and around Paso Robles. They are essentially turning trash into delicious treasure.

Their $52 Re:Find kumquat flavored vodka begins with the base of California grapes, which the Villicanas then infuse with real kumquats. The distillery received 6,000 pounds of California kumquats to make this year's seasonal batch of fruity-flavored vodka. The citrus fruit lends a sweet and tart flavor to the 80-proof liquor, enhancing the texture with the fruit's vibrant, tangy characteristics.

For the dad who follows the trends: Bozal Mezcal Ensamble

The tequila and mezcal market continue to be one of the fastest-growing segments in the liquor industry. According to the Distilled Spirits Council of America, the joint category has grown over 270% in the past 20 years. The year 2022 saw some of the most significant growth within the grouping, up 17.2%, contributing over $860 million to the distilled spirits revenue growth last year. 

Using a mix of magueys, including Espandín, Mexicano, and Barril, Bozal creates its earthy, herbaceous Ensamble mezcal with balanced smokiness. The name means wild or untamed in Spanish, a characteristic that defines Bozal as it uses agave that grows in the wild. The agave's fermentation occurs naturally from yeast carried through the air. Each small batch of double copper-pot distilled mezcal is concentrated and bold, with a rusticity that makes it incredibly alluring. 

With 47% ABV, the liquor's aromas of menthol, pomelo, and smoked embers are carried throughout the palate from start to finish. Costing around $50, the spirit is the perfect option to upgrade your margarita.

For dads who begin the night awakening their palate: Campari

Enjoying a pre-dinner apéritif can energize and arouse the palate, preparing it for the evening ahead. For generations, Campari has been one of Italy's favorite aromatic spirits. The product was first introduced in 1860 when bartender turned spirit inventor Gaspare Campari crafted the bitter orange concoction of fruit, herbs, botanicals, and sugar. 

Technically considered a liqueur, the aperitif is 48-proof, making it a lower alcohol option perfect for the beginning of a night of festivities. It is ideally mixed with soda or as the base of undoubtedly one of the absolute best Campari cocktails, the Negroni. The classic Negroni cocktail adds gin and vermouth to Campari, poured over ice with an orange peel for garnish. A bottle will set you back about $34.

For the dad who ends the night with a digestif: Sandeman Porto Tawny 10 Years Old port

The counterpart to the aperitif, digestifs have historically been served at the end of the meal to aid in digestion. Options include everything from highly herbaceous offerings to those with fruity or bitter flavors. If Dad loves a digestif, we suggest a bottle of port.

From the Douro region of Portugal, Sandeman Porto Tawny 10 Years Old port is the youngest of the tawny selections from the historic producer. Aging a decade in oak lends subtle nuttiness and toasted warm spice, like nutmeg and allspice while also showing the freshness and tannin of the hand-harvested grapes. The port is technically fortified with brandy wine. It is a fantastic lower-alcohol option as it packs a punch of dried fruit and spice flavor while aiding digestion. With 20% alcohol, the $35 port is perfect for pairing with nutty desserts, like a classic pecan pie or almond cake. We love it with a cheese plate of aged gouda and Roquefort.

For the eco-conscious dad: Casa Azul reposado tequila

Single vineyard wines produced from estate-grown fruit are commonplace today. Wineries desire ownership of their vineyards, as owning the fruit for the wine they make ensures total control over the farming practices, harvest time, and grape selection. 

It is rare to have a distillery own the land which grows its grain, corn, juniper, or agave. In Jalisco, less than 1% of tequila producers own the land growing the agave. Casa Azul is one of the few producers managing the agave fields for their recently launched organic tequila. Owning the land allows them to farm organically while also harvesting the agave when they have reached optimal maturity and not a moment before. The result is a Mother Nature-approved spirit without any additives or chemicals. 

The company was founded by beverage entrepreneur Lance Collins, with an A-list of support from investors like Travis Kelce of the Kansas City Chiefs and actress Eiza González, working with the Montes family. The family is the third generation of agave growers in Jaliso, now turned into distillers. 

Casa Azul reposado is rich, round, and creamy, tasting of roasted agave and caramel. It ages two to three months in American oak, adding toasted spice and vanilla notes. The USDA Organic 80-proof spirit is available for about $90.

For the bourbon-loving dad: Samuel Maverick Private Reserve straight bourbon whiskey

From the descendants of Samuel Maverick, one of the signers of the Texas Declaration of Independence, San Antonio's Maverick Distillery offers a four-year aged, grain-to-glass bourbon whiskey. The 100% Texas product is bottled at 45% ABV and is available for $75. Only seven barrels of the distillery's private reserve are a part of the current release, produced in-house in the same place as Samuel Maverick's 1800s homestead. 

The Samuel Maverick private reserve, straight bourbon's mash includes a mix of Texas-grown corn, rye, and barley. Corn is the one ingredient all bourbon must be distilled from, producing sweet roasted vanilla and caramel flavors that meld with toasted spice, dark chocolate, and roasted nut flavors the new American oak aging brings.

For the dad who looks for quality and affordability: Milagro Silver tequila

Tequila can be very expensive. Bottles of the unaged, Blanco, or silver-style can easily cost hundreds of dollars. And, we don't mind spending on high quality. However, we prefer a product that provides high quality and affordability, like Milagro Silver tequila.

Milagro begins with 100% blue agave grown in the highlands of Jalisco, an area with mineral-rich soils where temperatures soar during the day to ripen the fruit and cool off at night, locking in freshness. The liquor is double distilled using two methods, copper pot, and continuous column distillation. The copper pot enriches the fresh fruit flavors, while the column distillation rounds out the tequila's texture. 

The result is a lively spirit with a smooth, balanced finish. With pepper, lemon zest, and herbal flavors, the 80-proof alcohol will cost about $28 and is perfect for enjoying in pineapple margaritas or a spiced ranch water cocktail.

For the dad who prefers it ready to go: Batch and Bottle Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan

Dad is busy, so take the stress out of needing to measure and stir with the ready-to-drink cocktails from Batch and Bottle. Available in an assortment of cocktails, including the Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan. Yes, we know a classic Manhattan cocktail uses rye, not Scotch. However, we appreciate Batch and Bottle's take on the iconic drink as the smooth, well-rounded single malt Scotch balances the sweetness of the vermouth and softens the bitters producing an incredibly quaffable cocktail. 

With 30% alcohol, each 375-milliliter bottle has a suggested retail price of $16.99 and should pour four or five drinks. This means the ready-to-drink option is perfect for sharing. Chill the bottle and pour it into a High Camp flask to keep it chilled for dad and send him out for his Father's Day round of golf. He will be the most popular pop on the course.

For the father with discerning taste: Merlet XO cognac

Rich and evocative, Merlet XO is among today's finest cognac selections. The Dutch invented it in the 1500s, distilling wine from Cognac into brandy to ensure it would not spoil while transported from France to Holland.

For over 170 years, the Merlet family has been blending eaux-de-vie into cognac, producing exceptionally smooth, buttery, elegant brandy. Merlet XO combines eaux-de-vie from mainly two prominent areas in cognac, Fins Bois and Fine Champagne, and is aged a minimum of 10 years in new French oak, creating an aromatic, inviting 80-proof spirit. 

With an average price of just over $100 a bottle, the XO layers fruity notes of dried peach, apricot, and orange peel with butterscotch, roasted nuts, and spicy candied ginger. The 80-proof cognac is a delicious way to end an evening sipped neat from a tulip vs. snifter glass.

For the weeknight drinking dad: Ritual zero-proof liquor alternatives

Suppose dad enjoys a cocktail in the middle of the week but would prefer not to feel it the next day. In that case, we suggest the alcohol-free spirits from Ritual. 

Options include rum, gin, tequila, and whiskey alternatives, each weighing in with zero calories and zero alcohol. And, while it lacks alcohol and calories, each contains the familiar flavor of the specific liquor. The whiskey tastes like an oak-aged brown spirit, the tequila has a subtle spiciness and floral notes of roasted agave, and the gin includes aromas of herbs and botanicals. 

The ingredient list for each selection is virtually the same, including water, natural flavors, and cane sugar, with each bottle costing $30. If you opt to give dad a subscription, you'll save a few dollars.