What Do You Look For Most In A Bottle Of Whiskey? Here's What Connoisseurs Told Tasting Table

Rich and intense or light and mild, whiskey can present a variety of flavors, tastes, and smells, recognizes Whisqiy. From notes of caramel and nutmeg to whispers of chocolate and cereal, whiskey lovers choose an adventure every time they select different bottles to sample. Served neat or stirred into a cocktail, the perfect whiskey can set the tone for an unforgettable evening. 

"The great things about whiskey are that it is so diverse and can appeal to a very broad range of palates," whiskey connoisseur Tommy Tardie told The Manual. Yet taste isn't the only factor, notes the Swanky Badger, all the senses are used when experiencing whiskey. Your sense of smell is especially important to fully appreciate the flavors you are about to taste. And for Whiskied Wanderlust, whiskey is more than an experience, it tells stories of people, places, history, travel, and discovery. 

Now, while we know that the number one way Tasting Table readers enjoy whiskey is on the rocks, we had to find out: What factors do you consider as you browse shelves for a bottle of whiskey to crack open?

What determines your choice of whiskey?

In a survey conducted by Tasting Table, 588 whiskey connoisseurs were polled, and they had thoughts on what contributes to a worthy bottle of booze. The majority of respondents — nearly 38% — cited flavor as the number one reason to choose one bottle of whiskey over another. Not far behind flavor and taste was quality, ranked by 32% of participants as a main motivator for selecting a whiskey brand. Value was the third must important factor indicated by our surveyed whiskey connoisseurs, with 13% of respondents indicating pricing was a key factor in their drinking choices. 

According to our surveyed drinkers, it doesn't matter how old that coveted bottle of single malt is, where the whiskey came from, or how the label is designed. Age and uniqueness received only 53 and 44 votes from our whiskey drinkers, respectively. 

In short, if it doesn't taste nice, keep it away from our glasses and behind the bar; if the taste and quality is high, however, pour wee drams for us all.