Culinary Power Couples Valentine's Day Video

For these culinary couples, it really was love at first bite

Let's be real. As much as Valentine's Day is about love and romance, it's also (at least for us) about food. And not just fine chocolate and bottles of bubbly but, more importantly, the idea of a meal to bring two people together.

So this Valentine's Day, we sit down with five couples who share not only love for each other but a deep love for food. These couples work together, eat together and, specifically, run some of New York City's most popular restaurants together.

Like the egg lovers at Egg Shop, who met "drinking margaritas to go on the Lower East Side;" the husband-and-wife team at Shalom Japan, who fight about mustard (he loves golden, she loves Dijon); the women who single-handedly run Michelin-Starred restaurant Take Root; and the cheese-obsessed French cook and Canadian baker behind Maman. And, of course, we couldn't forget about pizza, so to round out the bunch, there's the duo at Emily and Emmy Squared whose first date was over a pepperoni pie on their dorm room floor.

So whether your Valentine's Day plans consist of sweats and a pint of ice cream, sharing a steak at some fancy restaurant or something in between, get inspired by the power of food—and love.