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TT Culinary Institute: The Perfect Steak

Tips, techniques and gear for mastering bone-in rib eye

Instead of running out to your local steakhouse, consider basking in the glory of serious meat cookery at home. The joys of searing a perfect steak--then sitting down with friends to share that unadorned piece of juicy, funky beef--are ancient.

Nothing beats a gorgeous bone-in rib eye for dramatic shape and rich, funky flavor. But you've got to know how to handle it.

Want to get it right? Season generously, sear patiently and you'll be rewarded with a deep, crisp char and a perfect medium-rare center.

One: Salt the hunk of meat like there's no tomorrow. Now salt a little more. Rub it all over with rosemary, thyme, lemon peel and garlic and let it rest overnight.

Two: Rub a little olive oil on the steak and introduce it to an extremely hot cast iron skillet.

Three: Step away from the stove. Resist the urge to turn it a hundred times. Sit on your hands or have another drink if you need it. The key is to let the meat and the heat work their magic. Your reward: a deep, crisp, charred--but not carbonized!--exterior and an interior that's evenly cooked to a perfect medium-rare all the way through.

Head right here for ultimate steak greatness.


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