The Cocktail You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

In this day and age, cocktail trends come and go about as quickly as fashion seasons — and just like what you wear, it can be hard to identify the ones you genuinely love from the ones you've been influenced to. Fortunately, a cocktail shouldn't cost you more than $15, and maybe even less than that if you're living outside of New York City.

There's something to be said about enjoying what you drink — and even more to be said about what that drink says about you. As a psychologist, Dr. Jen Nash shared with Daily Mail that someone who enjoys the bitter flavors of, say, a Negroni or Aperol spritz is likely to be anti-social, while those who enjoy a sweet drink, such as a mimosa or piña colada, tend to be friendly. Similarly, someone who orders something tart, like a whiskey or pisco sour, can be a bit critical, while a person who orders something spicy, like a spicy margarita or a michelada, might prefer to live life on the edge. 

In this ever-changing world of trendy cocktails, what you order at the bar can say a lot about you. So, it's good to have one that aligns with your personality. That's where your zodiac sign comes in.


Aries starts the zodiac calendar off on a fiery note. Just like Aries, this cocktail takes a fiery version of a classic — the spicy margarita. With its mix of fresh jalapeño peppers and tequila, orange liquor, and lime juice, this cocktail strikes the perfect balance of heat. However, these signs are known for their hot tempers and competitive edge. Represented by the ram, taking charge is something that comes naturally to them — but because these signs have a habit of thinking after they leap, that can often result in some hard-learned lessons. It's kind of like the number of jalapeños you add to your margarita mix.

As the first sign on the zodiac calendar, they want to be number one everywhere else, too. It makes Aries competitive, yes, but it's also what makes these signs so fearless, bold, and ambitious. Fortunately, not only are margaritas a universal favorite cocktail, but you also usually have the option to go iced or on the rocks — which is sure to help Aries cool off a bit. While the classic lime flavor will always be on the menu, you can never go wrong with mango or strawberry. But you may also come across more unique flavors, such as passionfruit or even dragonfruit. Whatever you go with, make sure it's rimmed with a bit of Tajín. That, along with the extra kick from the jalapeño, will be just what the doctor ordered for these fire signs.


A lot has been said about Geminis. The running theory seems to be that Geminis are two-faced, all because they're represented by twins. However, Geminis are just social people with a wide array of hobbies. Where the twin element comes in is in the simple fact that, in order to make time for their large social circles and interests, they'd need to be in two places at once. Hence the need for a clone. That being said, Geminis are by no means innocent. They're kind of like the sour patch kids of the zodiac — they're sweet until they're not. So, just like this sign's Starbucks beverage, the Gemini's cocktail is one that's both saccharine and sour — the pisco sour.

Geminis are very intelligent, versatile, and curious — however, while they may not be two-faced, they're by no means innocent. While yes, they take an interest in a lot of things, the Gemini doesn't delve deeply into any one subject or person. Similarly, the Gemini's fast-moving lifestyle means that they move from one thing to the next at the drop of a hat. They're entertaining and fun to be around, no doubt. But you can't necessarily depend on them. Their cocktail, however, is made with pisco, key lime juice, egg whites, and simple syrup to give them a little bit of everything. The Peruvian classic is sweet from the simple syrup, sour from the pisco and key lime, and bubbly from the egg white, providing all the versatility that Geminis crave.


Cancers can be a bit difficult to get to know, but it's only because they're so self-protective — they are represented by the crab, after all. Once you get past the hard shells, however, you'll come to understand why. Cancers are incredibly attentive and nurturing. Their maternal instincts mean that they naturally take it upon themselves to take care of others. You can probably understand why it's important that they are careful who they show that side of themselves to.

Still, their understanding of human nature makes them friendly and agreeable people — which means, if they were a cocktail, they'd most definitely be one that's sweet. But, rather than being a basic original piña colada — which is probably sweet enough as it is — the Cancer would be what's known as a Miami Vice.

Cancers are known to be incredibly empathetic and loyal friends who value deep, committed relationships. Made with all the fixings of a traditional piña colada but including the added swirl of bright red strawberry puree, a Miami Vice is just a touch sweeter than you're typical piña colada. Plus, by adding strawberries, the fruit most associated with Valentine's Day and love, it also represents the deep, emotional relationships that provide this sign with a sense of well-being and stability.


Born between July 22nd and August 22nd, Leo season occurs during the peak of the summer — a time when everyone has grown tired of the seasonal FOMO and is deciding to seize the moment for themselves. It makes sense, seeing as Leos are known for living life to the fullest. Leo's just want to celebrate life — and they're equally as happy to celebrate yours, too. For that reason, if the Leo were any cocktail, it'd be one that included champagne because, no matter what type of champagne it is, nothing says a celebration like popping the cork off. However, champagne alone doesn't make a cocktail, and because these signs are also associated with warm colors like yellow, orange, and gold, their cocktail is the French 75.

Whether you're heading to the beach for an end-of-summer getaway or finally taking advantage of your friend's pool, that end of Leo season is a time when we're all striving to soak up all of that's left of summer. Made from a mixture of gin, champagne, simple syrup, and lemon juice, the French 75 is full of personality and fun. Libra signs have big personalities and lives to match. They love being the center of attention, and they certainly aren't shy about showing off their lavish lifestyles online, which a shot of your French 75 by the pool will be perfect for.


It's no secret that Virgos are impeccably organized. In fact, if you need something done, they're the people to ask. They keep their stuff in order, and they get a lot of satisfaction from crossing things off of their to-do lists. Even if these signs' rooms may look like a mess, they have a method to their madness. That's why, if this sign were any cocktail, it'd be the carajillo — a Mexican-style espresso cocktail. Traditionally made with a 1:1 ratio of espresso and Licor 43, these cocktails are elevated with flavors of chocolate, orange bitters, and vanilla. When shaken, these drinks froth up like your morning latte. But, the Virgo would specifically order this one "puesto" style, as they call it in Mexico.

Virgos are the friends who book all the reservations or send out calendar invites for happy hour meet-ups — we all need at least one of them because they're the ones who ensure things actually make it out of the group chat. These signs are also quite the perfectionists, which is apparent in their approach to work. The carajillo is representative of this sign's brand of organized chaos. When ordered "puesto" style, the espresso and Licor 43 are visibly separate when you look through the glass. In turn, the carajillo exhibits an assortment of flavors — more than 43, to be exact — in a clean-cut and organized fashion. Not to mention, it tastes like perfection.


Said to be the aesthetes of the zodiac, Libras make excellent designers, art curators, decorators, and stylists. Their sense of taste is directly reflected in the things they surround themselves with — and it can all be credited to their innate ability to identify balance. Represented by the scale, Libras are all about balance. It's something they strive to achieve in every aspect of their lives, including what they eat. This isn't necessarily in the sense of health, although it can be. Libras value quality, and they appreciate food that exhibits a true harmony of flavors. With that being said, the cocktail they'd be would have to do just that — and they could only be the daiquiri.

The daiquiri is made with three ingredients, which, if you're into numerology, also just so happens to be the number that symbolizes balance. But it's not just the number of ingredients that make this drink perfect for the Libra; it's also the flavors they bring forward. The daiquiri is extremely simple on paper; however, it's often used as a "test cocktail" to gauge the skill of a bartender. Turns out, despite only containing three ingredients, there's an infinite amount of ways to screw it up. That's because the perfect daiquiri has to contain the best type of rum (in just the right amount), fresh lime juice, and sugar to achieve its balanced, dry, yet sweet flavor. When done right, it is the epitome of harmony.


Scorpios are notorious for being mysterious. These signs keep secrets better than anyone — especially their own. Scorpios are also known for being attracted to the dark sides of life, and they don't care about being liked, so you can rest assured that there's much to unpack in their personal lives — if you get that far, that is. Scorpios believe that their power is in their mystery. While the cocktail for this sign is by no means mysterious — it's actually one of the top 10 most ordered drinks in the U.S. — it is certainly intense, and, thanks to the use of espresso, it's also particularly dark. That's right, if the Scorpio were any cocktail on the menu, they'd be none other than the espresso martini.

Just like the espresso martini, these signs know that they're intense – and they're certainly not for everybody. Power-hungry and fiercely loyal, the Scorpio often faces the internal battle of craving to cultivate deep, emotional relationships and their need to be alone. They're really good at making others feel seen without actually letting them in on anything about themselves. Vulnerability, to them, is all about a means of control — which means you'll rarely see it from their end. Still, just like the Scorpio, espresso martinis are sexy, strong, and a bit intimidating. When you order one, you know you're in for a fun night. Plus, with the added bit of caffeine, it's sure to provide all the energy these signs need for their night owl lifestyles.


It is said that the Sagittarius is the luckiest of all the zodiac signs — but it's not entirely by chance. These signs believe in going big or going home, and their ambitions tend to exceed what most people perceive as possible. Sagittariuses also tend to be especially positive people. Naturally, when you have a good attitude, things tend to work out in your favor. But, even on the off chance that they don't, Sagittarius has a way of seeing the bright side of things. Considering that, the cocktail for a Sagittarius would have to be as refreshing as their outlook on life. If the Sagittarius were any cocktail, they'd be a refreshing mojito.

For the Sagittarius, everything is a learning opportunity. As the archers of the zodiac, these signs are natural adventurers, and they're always seeking to expand their understanding of the world. It's why they're arguably the best sign to travel with — and their cocktail is one worth traveling for. While the origins of this classic have been heavily debated, it's no secret that the mojito is virtually synonymous with the local Cuban lifestyle. Not only are they minty — in accordance with the Sagittarius's lucky nature — but they're sweet and refreshing. Made with fresh mint leaves, sugar, lime, soda water, and a light rum, these drinks make for cool, smooth sipping.


Do you have any workaholics in your life? Are any of them Capricorns? If they are, don't be surprised. It's what these signs are known for, after all. Capricorns are represented by the sea goat, but rather than climbing mountains, these signs are busy climbing corporate ladders. Everybody's gotta let go once in a while, or else they'll go crazy. That's why the Capricorn deserves something extra strong. Whether they're celebrating yet another promotion or they're finally giving themselves a night off, the Capricorn's cocktail is one that will get the party going fast. That is, the Negroni, of course.

For the Capricorn, life is just one goal achievement after another — and they are known for holding their heads high, even in the face of adversity. But, what a lot of people don't know about these signs is that they're actually big party people. Made from equal parts gin, Campari, and vermouth, this one isn't always easy to drink. Just like the bumps they hit on the path to achieving their goals, a little bit of bitter-sweet Compari is nothing to them. Keep the music playing and the drinks flowing, and the Capricorn will have a sweet time — and best believe they'll still make it to work tomorrow.


Despite common misconceptions, Aquariuses are actually air signs — not water. However, unlike the other air signs, Gemini and Libra, who thrive in group settings, Aquarius is known to be a bit of an outcast. This doesn't mean they aren't social people, however. Aquariuses are very intelligent, witty, and charming. They make great conversationalists simply due to their contrarian nature. They like to express their individuality through their out-of-the-box ideas, unique fashion choices, and unusual hobbies and opinions. Long story short, they're the trendsetters. Therefore, this sign's cocktail is arguably the trendiest one of our generation — the Aperol spritz.

Made from a simple combo of Aperol, Prosecco, club soda, and fresh orange, the spritz was responsible for raising the sales of Aperol by 72% in 2022. Through the rise in health-conscious drinking, wealthy beach-going social media influencers, and some aggressive marketing tactics at Campari, the drink became a quintessential part of the European summer aesthetic that followed the pandemic. Not only do Aquariuses hate small talk, but they also hate any sense of normalcy. It bores them. Actually, anything that's generally accepted as "normal" or "cool" in mainstream society puts them off. Aquariuses are just different, but in a way that's intentionally cool. So you can bet the Aquarius was drinking Aperol spritz well before the rest of us.


Not only are Pisces the final sign of the zodiac calendar, but they're also the last of the water signs. That goes hand in hand with the fact that Pisces is the sign of the fish, and they're also ruled by the planet Neptune. This is about as water sign as it gets. That's why this sign's cocktail is one that will take them close to the water, even if it is just mentally. If the Pisces were to be any cocktail, they'd be a Sex on the Beach. Made from a classic combination of vodka, peach schnapps, orange, and cranberry juice, all topped off with a maraschino cherry, just looking at this drink will transport you to a romantic beach sunset.

Pisces can be a bit difficult to pin down because so many of their characteristics occur internally. Personality-wise, they tend to adopt and adapt depending on who they're around. Inside, however, they're living in an entirely different world. These signs are the dreamers of the zodiac, and they're represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions. The image represents how their attention is constantly being divided between fantasy and reality. But, it also is cognizant of this sign's innate connection to the ocean. Large, mysterious, and magical, for the Pisces, the ocean is a lot like their boundless imaginations. It's another world that they can escape to. But, if they can't go there in person, their cocktail may just be the next best thing.