The 10 Cocktails Every Millennial Should Know

Because your twenties can be a very sobering experience

If you were born any time before the early 90s, you know what it's like to traverse your twenties. Those years feel a bit like attempting to run on a Slip 'N Slide blindfolded in the rain with your pants around your ankles and and your parents watching from the sidelines, judging your every move. In other words, it's a rather clumsy time in one's life.

For some of us, those exciting but nerve-wracking days aren't quite over. Sometimes, the path still seems uncertain, our jobs make us want to cry (err, not this one) and weekdays feel like they will never end. For days like those, we have a solution.

It's time to get acquainted with the 10 fortifying cocktail recipes every millennial should master, from old favorites to modern libations. Whip up these babies to impress your new work friends, or just before settling onto the couch for a Friends marathon. They'll always be there for you.

① Margarita
This one's a no-brainer. Frozen or on the rocks, nothing beats a tart-and-salty marg on a hot day.

② Negroni
When the only way to get through the day is by picturing yourself relaxing in the Italian countryside (accompanied by a plate of bread and cheese), you must make yourself a Negroni.

③ Old-Fashioned
Totally timeless and a little bit fancy, the Old-Fashioned is for days when you want to take things a little slower. Strong opinions on politics, philosophy and your existence may ensue.

④ Gimlet
Simple, strong and easy to throw together when you have very few ingredients to work with at home.

⑤ Bloody Mary
It probably goes without saying, but some mornings in your twenties will require a hair of the dog. Whether you need to make it to work on time or just need to get out of bed long enough to find a bagel, the Bloody Mary is your savior.

⑥ Sangria
When you inevitably throw a birthday or housewarming party at your apartment, sangria is the fruity, familiar friend everyone is hoping will be in attendance. Don't disappoint them. Make sangria.

⑦ Martini
For those nights when you're feeling like a Carrie or a Samantha. Trust us: It happens.

⑧ Mojito
Everyone likes mojitos. They're minty, sweet, and go down so easy. Plus, they're incredibly simple to make in large batches, so grab a pitcher.

⑨ White Russian
We see your eye roll and raise you one chilly winter night, a glass of creamy, comforting, boozy goodness and countless references to The Big Lebowski. You want a White Russian every once in a while, so quit lying to yourself.

⑩ (Adult) Jello Shots
We can't keep it together all the time, can we?