Smorgasburg L.A. Debuts This Weekend

Here's what to get excited about at Smorgasburg L.A., which kicks off this weekend

It's no secret that L.A.'s dining scene has become the envy of many New Yorkers. While once the Big Apple reigned supreme in the restaurant world, the City of Angels is now undoubtedly the place to be. New York chefs have been heading west in droves, and the latest NYC-cum-L.A. transplant is none other than Smorgasburg.

Hungry hipsters, ready the fedoras and loosen those suspenders, because you're going to be spending a lot of time in the sun, stuffing your face this weekend.

Smorgasburg L.A. launches this Sunday, June 19.

What started as a spin-off of the Brooklyn Flea in May 2011, the, er, smorgasbord of eclectic food vendors has turned into one of NYC's must-visit destinations. The new L.A. Smorgasburg is the market's first venture outside of New York. It is located downtown at the Alameda Produce Market and open every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Unlike Brooklyn's Smorgasburg, the L.A. market stays open all year round. That means you don't have to get it all in, in one season—although you're certainly encouraged to do so.

The vendors at the L.A. market are looking pretty tempting as well."Smorgasburg has always been about incubating new concepts," Zach Brooks, L.A.'s market manager, says, and the new westward outpost continues in that tradition, focusing on small and local operations. Though a handful of NYC vendors will make an appearance—like Goa Taco and this year's hit Raindrop Cake—about 90 percent of the stands are local food makers who are largely unknown—as of yet, that is.

Exceptions include the likes of Guerrilla Tacos and Carnitas El Momo, which already have cult followings. But even with these vendors, Brooks explains, Smorgasburg offers a regular, stationary platform whereby new customers and existing fans alike can find these usually mobile operations.

"The majority is still new concepts with amazing stories," Brooks says. He would know, as he personally scouted all of the vendors. Not a bad gig if you ask us.

If the success of Brooklyn's market is any indication, the L.A. outpost is sure to be a hit. Check out a sampling of the L.A. vendors below.

 Guerilla Tacos


Carnitas El Momo 


Rucker's Pie


Greenspan's Grilled Cheese 


Porridge and Puffs


Paloma's Paletas


We Have Noodles 


Califas Taco