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No list can nail down a city like New York but eat your way through some of our curated sampling, and it's clear the combination of talent, unflagging ambition and sheer competition for diners ensures our melting pot runneth over and our mouths are never bored. Other cities may do some specific dishes better than we do but there's nowhere that does everything as well as the always-changing, unvanquishable best eating city in the world.


Pastrami Sandwich

Katz's Delicatessen

Daniel Boulud

Chef and owner of Daniel

"I love to show my friends and family old American places—the New York with history. From Katz's to the Four Seasons to Gotham and La Grenouille." 

Local Expert

Bryce Shuman

Chef at Betony

"Eleven Madison Park and PDT are icons. They're places that elevated the standard in New York dining and drinking. I love the duck at Eleven Madison Park and, at PDT, something stirred or a tiki style. But a perfect evening out for me is Sichuan food and a jungle show." 

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