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L.A. doesn't like to play by the rules. It's the land that gave birth to new-wave food trucks and pop-up restaurants, and these days your next mind-blowing meal here could come from anywhere: that burrito shack on the corner, a secret sushi spot or an old-school deli near the park. From Roy Choi to Ludo Lefebvre, a new generation of talented Angelenos are cutting ties with convention and drawing inspiration from the diverse neighborhoods that surround them. Having access to some of the highest quality produce in the world doesn't hurt either. Skip the Walk of Fame and use this guide for a true taste of Los Angeles—whether it's electrifying Thai in WeHo, bustling KBBQ in Koreatown or Downtown's subterranean speakeasies.


French Dip Sandwich

Philippe the Original

Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo

Chefs/owners of Animal

Spago is iconic, because Wolfgang Puck has run this city for three decades. We never order the same thing there. As for Matsuhisa, Nobu is one of our culinary idols. The food is always delicious. We have a sushi order that we've perfected and order it every time.

Local Expert

Curtis Stone

Chef/owner of Maude

I like to bundle my mates into the car and take them on a food tour of L.A. that begins with brunch and ends at a bar sipping on some kind of delicious seasonal craft cocktail. But for something super special, Urasawa in Beverly Hills is the ticket. The space is intimate—about 10 seats—and chef Hiroyuki Urasawa is a true master of his craft. It's always an exquisite dining experience.

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