Danny Bowien Is Throwing An Anchovy Fest At Mission Cantina

Danny Bowien is throwing an anchovy frat party this weekend (yes, you read that correctly)

Imagine a frat party where beer funnels are replaced by bread baskets accompanied by buttermilk shots. The theme isn't togas but anchovies. This bizarre scene isn't the privately held dream of an anchovy-adoring food lover (guilty as charged), but a real party that's happening this Saturday at Mission Cantina in New York.

The hosts? None other than Mission Chinese and Mission Cantina chef Danny Bowien, Chad Robertson of San Francisco's Tartine Bakery and Inaki Aizpitarte of Le Chateaubriand in Paris. It's a trio as inexplicable as the menu, which includes charcoal-grilled foie gras with sticky rice and raspberry powder alongside a buffet complete with a chilaquiles, crunchy imperial rolls, burgers, wings and fried rice. It might not make a lot of sense, but we're really into it—in no small part because the unifying thread is anchovies. Did we mention that?

As Grub Street points out, Bowien knows how to throw a good party, with big-time chefs as part of the equation. For the Lunar New Year, he had a potluck at Mission Chinese with the likes of Jessica Koslow from Sqirl, Jean Adamson from Vinegar Hill House, Gerardo Gonzalez from El Rey, and Jeremiah Stone from Contra and Wildair, to name just a few.

This Saturday's party is sure to draw crowds, so get your tickets now before they sell out. And if you miss the party this time, you can always throw your own anchovy-themed frat party, 'cuz now it's officially a thing.

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