19 Absolute Best Iced Coffees In NYC

Is it too much to say that iced coffee is the official drink of New York City? Maybe. But it's no secret that New Yorkers are a highly caffeinated bunch. According to data from Apartment Guide, New York City had over 3,600 coffee shops in 2022 — which is more than any other city in the United States. Even a brief walk through the city gives you the impression that there's a coffee shop on every corner. 

It's possible that iced coffee can, in and of itself, be a metaphor for the city. It's strong, cold, sometimes expensive, but ultimately stimulating and worth it. We've compiled a guide to the best-tasting and highest-quality iced coffees that we've tried across the city's boroughs. We recommend using it as a roadmap to keep yourself cool and caffeinated, whether you find yourself on the 4 Train to Yankee Stadium or on the A to JFK.

787 Coffee Co.

787 grows and processes its coffee beans at its farm in Maricao, Puerto Rico. Its single-origin coffee is now available in any of the brand's 25 coffee shops, which are located in Puerto Rico, New Jersey, New York, and Texas.

This Boricua café has several coffee options on the menu, but the stars of the show are its alcohol-infused coffee drinks. The rum-infused cold brew iced coffee is made by soaking roasted coffee beans in Don Q Rum for two days before brewing. The alcohol evaporates, so this iced coffee won't get you drunk. But the rum's notes of chocolate, nuts, and vanilla linger in the coffee for a multi-faceted pick-me-up. It's complex and delicious.


Multiple locations in New York City

Clubhouse Café

Clubhouse Café opened in 2023, a few blocks away from Yankee Stadium, as more of a local socioeconomic incubator than just a coffee shop. The business was founded to sell coffee, of course, but also as a social enterprise to offer hands-on employment experience to local youth and young adults in the area. It's owned and operated by the nonprofit South Bronx United, which advocates for and creates social change and opportunity for underserved communities in the neighborhood.

Clubhouse Café serves a mean cup of coffee with Devoción Coffee beans. The cold brew is strong, reasonably priced, and clean in flavor. You can also taste the potency and quality of the beans in every cup. If you're feeling something a bit lighter, opt for the espresso tonic over ice or one of Clubhouse's aguas frescas.


(718) 404-9281

812 River Ave, Bronx, NY 10451

Prince Coffee House

Just a few blocks from the Bronx Zoo and the New York Botanical Garden is a cozy café with roots in the small country of Kosovo. An art piece dangling from the ceiling above features dozens of copper Turkish coffee cezves — small, long-handled pots with a lip for pouring the brewed coffee.

Prince Coffee House's Eastern European heritage is evident in its menu, which features a range of dainty flavored espresso drinks, frothy mochas, and Turkish coffees. The iced mint mocha stands tall with a mountain of fluffy whipped cream and green mint syrup, while the banana espresso shake is the perfect pick-me-up treat for a warm afternoon. The coffee is intense and espresso-forward but of high quality. Prince also serves well-foamed iced cappuccinos, as well as iced Americanos for purists of the bunch.


(718) 733-2569

2306 Arthur Ave, Bronx, NY 10458

Concept Coffee

Concept Coffee opened in 2022 in the rapidly redeveloping Long Island City neighborhood of Queens. It serves classic and inventive caffeinated drinks to those looking to fuel their hustle.

The shop's unique coffees encompass an array of cuisines and cultures from Asia to the Americas. Specialty beverages like the Cold Drew Fashioned blend Concept's cold brew with unexpected ingredients like angostura bitters and brown sugar, while the dirty iced horchata spikes the much-loved Mexican rice milk drink with a shot of espresso. This is one of our favorite drinks because the complex and nuanced flavors complement the rich coffee. Concept also features a monthly rotating beverage, such as the popular Buko Pandan Latte, an iced coffee made with coconut, espresso, and house-made buko pandan syrup.


(347) 588-0058

44-61 11th St, Queens, NY 11101

Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters

Sweetleaf Coffee Roasters is the brainchild of Rich Nieto, a coffee nerd who hails from Queens. Nieto's concept is to roast coffee with experimental flavors that represent his native New York, which is, as the company describes it, "diverse, sophisticated, and decidedly unique." Sweetleaf's cafés, which are located in Queens and Brooklyn, are rather old-world in decoration and ambiance, sporting wood beam ceilings, exposed brick walls, and candled chandeliers.

Sweetleaf sells its own brand of clean and balanced cold brew and Rocket Fuel cold brew concentrate, which are available in growler-sized bottles in-store and online. Its coffee and cocktail bar on Center Boulevard sells the brand's signature iced drinks, like Rocket Fuel with chicory maple syrup and Voodoo Child, a Vietnamese-style cold brew, alongside beer, wine, and specialty cocktails.


Multiple locations in New York City

Birch Coffee

Birch Coffee, founded in 2009 by Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader, has grown exponentially from a small coffee shop in the Gershwin Hotel to a full-scale bean retail and café chain with locations across the boroughs (including in the La Guardia airport).

Despite its explosive growth, Birch Coffee's quality hasn't waned. The company's Queens store, which is our favorite, is as lofty as it is stylish, with wood accents juxtaposing ornate tiling on the walls and floors. Birch's cold brew is some of the best and cleanest in the city and is dispensed via a tap at the cafe's bar. Optional adornments include Birch's oat cold foam, made with oat cream and organic vanilla syrup.


Multiple locations in New York City


Greenpoint's quirky and hip coffee purveyor, Homecoming, is much more than a café — it's also a plant store and florist's shop. The vibes are immaculate at Homecoming, with the walls and ceiling studded in slinky and slithering plants and the air perfumed with the smells of brewing coffee and fresh flowers of all sorts.

Homecoming sources and roasts its own blend and single-origin coffee beans, adding to the list of well-curated and tasteful items for sale at the shop. You can buy from the array of bean options available or sip on a café iced coffee or New Orleans-style cold brew with chicory, which is the perfect balance of bitter and sweet. A number of other non-coffee drinks are also available, both hot and iced, including loose-leaf tea, matcha, hojicha, and lemonade.


(347) 457-5385

116 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Yafa Café

The mission of Yafa Café, a Yemeni coffee shop in Brooklyn's Sunset Park neighborhood, is "bridging homelands through coffee." Opened by cousins Ali Suliman and Hakim Sulaimani in 2019, Yafa Café pays homage to the country's history as one of the birthplaces of coffee.

Yafa sells and pours coffee made from beans from Yemen and elsewhere, including Colombia, Kenya, and El Salvador. Grab a spiced Yemeni cold brew with clean and subtle notes of milk chocolate, dates, and wine. Most hot drinks and teas, including a variety of espresso and Middle Eastern teas, can also be ordered iced. Grab a cold one and a bite to eat from Yafa's lauded breakfast and lunch menu, which features a variety of flavors from the Middle East and beyond.


(347) 464-3999

4415 4th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11220

Partners Coffee

One of New York City's biggest artisanal coffee roasters is also one of its most ethical. Partners Coffee Roasters prides itself on sourcing high-quality coffee through partnerships with producers. It serves and sells its beans and brew from several locations, including stores in Brooklyn, Long Island City, and Manhattan. Partners' first store and roastery opened in 2012 on North 6th Street in Williamsburg, where it still stands today.

This store is our go-to location for iced coffee, but also for its lively and industrial space. Partners' standard cold brew is strong and dark but well-balanced. It is available to drink immediately but can also be purchased in cans to go. You'll find convenient Rockaway cold brew pouches in its online store. Folks who don't like standard coffee can try one of Partners Coffee Roasters' seasonal specialty drinks, like its refreshing iced yuzu latte, available on rotation throughout the year.


Multiple locations in New York City


Devoción was started by Steven Sutton, a native of Medellín, Colombia, in 2006. The goal of the brand has always been to produce and serve fresh coffee, so Devoción's business model is predicated on the fact that its coffee is consumed within 10 to 45 days of being purchased from the grower. The team oversees every part of the process — except harvesting the coffee cherries — Bogotá to Brooklyn.

Devoción's Williamsburg store has been open since 2013. It's a gorgeous space lined in multi-patterned tiles, wood paneling, and a jungle of plants. Besides its gorgeous interior and inviting seating, the coffee speaks for itself. Every drink is brewed with Devoción's specialty Colombian beans, which are light and bright. Cold brew and nitro cold brew are both on tap; these beverages are strong, clean, aromatic, and not terribly priced. Aromaticas — tea-like infusions with fruits, citrus, and herbs — are also on the menu.


Multiple locations in New York City

Café Cotton Bean

Tucked away in central Brooklyn is a dainty neighborhood café painted all in white with a Japanese flair. Café Cotton Bean opened its first location in the Crown Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn in 2016 and expanded with a second location in Carroll Gardens in 2022.

There's plenty to eat and drink in Café Cotton Bean, with beans from Parlor Coffee and sandwiches and baked goods from the kitchen. There's no shortage of iced coffee at Café Cotton Bean, with options ranging from cold brew iced coffee to iced matcha lattes and mochas. Everything is as delicious, frothy, and cute as it looks. One of our favorite drinks to order is slightly off-menu: an iced matcha latte spiked with an espresso shot. It's a great mix of earthy flavors with an extra caffeinated kick.


Multiple locations in New York City

% Arabica

Down under the Brooklyn Bridge is % Arabica, a bright, buzzy Japanese-inspired café and coffee roastery founded in 2019. The brand expanded to the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn in 2021 and now has over 130 franchise locations internationally. The Dumbo location sports scenic views of Lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, along with a simple but well-curated list of coffee.

Most drinks, including Americanos and lattes, can be ordered hot or iced. Lattes come in classic, Kyoto, Spanish, Dark, and Matcha flavors, each with a unique level of sweetness, creaminess, and aromatic notes. This is the perfect coffee shop for a first date that concludes with a sunny walk through Brooklyn Bridge Park. 


Multiple locations in New York City

Plowshares Coffee Roasters

Plowshare was originally established in 2008 in Hillburn, about an hour from the city. Now, it's expanded to include locations in West Harlem and the Upper West Side, where it roasts, sells, and brews specialty coffee for Manhattan and NYC at large. Both locations are equally cozy, industrially chic, and inviting.

The coffee, brewed from beans roasted on-site, is reasonably priced, especially for New York City standards. Plowshares' cold brew is balanced, tasty, and won't hurt your wallet. Plus, adding ice to most hot beverages only incurs a small charge. A cold brew or iced latte pairs well with the many pastries and vegan breads available at the counter, and the atmosphere is the perfect vibe for posting up and finishing up work. 


Multiple locations in New York City

Variety Coffee Roasters

Variety opened in 2008 in Williamsburg. After expanding to Greenpoint and then down to Bushwick, Variety crossed the river to open more locations in Chelsea and the Upper East Side. The coffee shop now has a total of eight locations across the boroughs.

All of Variety Coffee's locations are quaint, cute, and simple cafés with small tables and big windows. The menu is nothing fancy but has all the mainstays you look for from a coffee shop — including delicious and refreshing iced coffees. It's a great spot to grab a strong cold brew before snuggling up in one of the Chesterfield buttoned booths to finish work or spend time with a friend.


Multiple locations in New York City

Lê Phin

Lê Phin opened in the East Village in 2022 with a beautiful little space that features thin wood shelves and a coveted workspace on the deep window sill seat. The "phin" component of the name refers to a coffee filter classically used to make a Vietnamese brew, so you can assume many of the beverages at this spot are brimming with Asian influence.

While there is a classic drinks menu filled with most coffee items you'd expect to find at any café, the signature drinks section is where you'll find Lê Phin's Vietnamese offerings. The widely loved, creamy, sweet, and strong Vietnamese iced coffee, or cà phê sữa đá, is featured alongside other uniquely flavored beverages like its pandan matcha latte. This beverage blends the two green and earthy tastes into one creamy and sweet drink.


(929) 422-3972

259 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009

Café Integral

Café Integral's flagship store is located in Manhattan's Nolita neighborhood, but it has since expanded to Los Angeles and Washington D.C. With its warm ambiance and rustic decor, Café Integral is a haven meant to showcase the best of Nicaraguan artisanal coffee, which it sources from four regions within the country. 

The Nolita menu boasts a variety of specialty drinks crafted with precision and care, including traditional favorites like cortados and lattes, inventive creations like an iced horchata latte, espresso, and an array of house-made nut milk. Cold brew concentrate is also available in adorable pocket-sized bottles. You can also purchase Café Integral's cold-brew coffee blend to make at home so you can get your caffeine fix, no matter where you are.


(646) 801-5747

149 Elizabeth St, New York, NY 10012

Little Canal

Little Canal in Dimes Square, located between the Lower East Side and Chinatown, offers a quaint escape from the bustling streets of the ever-changing neighborhood. This location exudes a casual, neighborhoody atmosphere drips with rustic chic decor.

There's a ton to eat and drink at Little Canal, including artisanal and specialty coffee — which are both high-quality and delicious — freshly baked pastries, and light, vegetarian-focused bites made with locally sourced ingredients. Choose from a simple cold brew or iced latte, or mix it up with a dirty chai latte or café mocha for the perfect backdrop to a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich or breakfast burrito.


(917) 472-7479

26 Canal St, New York, NY 10002

Ginjan Cafe

Ginjan Café in Harlem stands out as a vibrant and culturally rich destination. The café opened its second location in Brooklyn in 2023 and remains one of our favorite spots for coffee. It offers a taste of West African heritage blended with modern culinary flair — along with some especially delicious and inventive coffees. This unique café, which settled into its first location in the heart of Harlem's 125th Street in 2019, is renowned for its signature beverage, Ginjan — a traditional Guinean ginger drink infused with a blend of organic ginger, cold-pressed pineapple, and lemon juice.

Beyond its iconic beverage, Ginjan Café boasts a diverse menu featuring a fusion of African and international flavors, including savory dishes like jollof rice bowls, grilled plantains, and hearty salads. A number of iced coffee drinks are available, including the usual suspects like cold brew and lattes, but most of the specialty juices can be mixed with coffee for an unexpectedly delicious and stimulating cocktail. For example, try mixing ginger with cold brew iced coffee for a drink that's easy on the stomach.


Multiple locations in New York City

Ludlow Coffee Supply

Ludlow Coffee Supply, located in the Lower East Side off of busy and scenic Orchard Street, is slinging out some of the best coffee in the area. This little gem combines charm with no frills and great, unpretentious coffee for a reasonable price. 

Ludlow's cold brew is strong, steady, and high-quality — despite what its price might suggest. The shop also makes a delicious and refreshing iced matcha latte. Drop in on your way somewhere else and get in and out fast, or get a lucky seat by the window and post up to enjoy some of the best coffee the city has to offer. This quaint location is great for escaping the hustle and bustle of the city and filling your cup with something good.


(917) 472-7632

176 Ludlow St, New York, NY 10002


We took an objective approach to finding some of the best coffee in the Big Apple. To develop our list, we considered the quality of the iced coffee itself, including factors such as balance, strength, and cleanliness in taste. We then looked over the range of options available at each café, including different brewing methods, flavors, and add-ons, if applicable. Besides the coffee, we also examined the ambiance, atmosphere, and customer service at each shop, as we found that ordering and consuming coffee in a comfortable space is nearly just as important as the coffee itself.