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10 great iced coffees to cool you off right now

The beautiful people are out on the streets of NYC. The lilacs are in full bloom. You know what this means. Time to break the cortado routine for something tall, dark and icy. From cold brews to Japanese drippers to good old espresso over ice, here are 10 ways to get your fix, in no particular order:

Pok Pok Ny in Red Hook

The delicious kafae boraan ($5) is essentially a Thai-style shakerato: The espresso is pulled to order and shaken with ice and sweetened condensed milk until it's just a bit frothy.

El Rey Coffee Bar and Luncheonette in the LES

What's better than strong, not-too-sweet Vietnamese iced coffee? Strong not-too-sweet Vietnamese iced coffee on tap ($3.57). If you have some time, grab a bowl of grits here as well–they're awesome.

Box Kite in the East Village

We love the super-chill chef's counter here, but Box Kite is also a great spot for coffee ($3.75). Sometimes it's cold brewed, sometimes it's poured over ice and right now it's all MadCap Roaster.

La Colombe in Tribeca

Ask for an iced coffee at this Philly import and you'll actually get several shots of espresso plus coffee over ice–a perfectly chilled red eye ($3).

Gorilla Coffee in Park Slope

Gorilla's by-the-cup cold brew is made from one type of bean per batch ($4) so you can really taste the differences–it could be Rwanda Kiyego one day and Brazil Pedro Roxa the next.

Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg

There are few coffee gadgets as gorgeous as the Japanese slow drippers at Blue Bottle, which slowly produce one of the smoothest iced coffee cups in the city: Kyoto cold brew ($4.25).

Third Rail Coffee in Greenwich Village

The low-acidity coffee at this shop is a 24-hour cold brew that's best enjoyed black ($3.25), but the staff isn't judgy about their coffee–so load it up with half and half if that's your thing.

Toby's Estate in Flatiron

The little New York company roasts their beans in Brooklyn. Their espresso julep ($4)–espresso over ice, sweetened with mint-basil syrup–is extraordinarily refreshing with a float of cold milk.

Konditori in the LES

This 24-hour cold brew ($3.27) is made with beans from Brooklyn Roasting Company and this week it's an especially delicious Southern American blend.

Cafe Boca Ciega in Tribeca

On cooler days, we might visit this Cuban coffee shop for some nice little cafecitos, but right now their iced cold brew ($3)–strong and deeply flavored–is our jam.