The Key Additions For Luxurious Coconut Iced Coffee

You may associate iced coffee with busy morning commutes and mid-afternoon energy boosts at the office, but the very nature of the chilled beverage lends itself to just that: chilling out. There's never a wrong time to start truly savoring your sip — after all, you either spent a pretty penny on it or took the time to make it, so why shouldn't you invest the same time and energy into enjoying it?

It certainly doesn't hurt when your drink helps put you in a relaxed, getaway-worthy mindset. And if we're talking transporting flavors, nothing whisks you away on a mental vacation quite like the taste of coconut. If you're looking for an excuse to sit back and sip like you're on a tropical beach somewhere, a luxurious coconut iced coffee is perhaps the next best thing to a piña colada.

While it certainly sounds fancy — and definitely tastes it — there are hardly any flashy tools or skills required. Beyond the know-how and accouterments for coffee-making, all it takes is cramming in as much coconut flavor as you possibly can. And who could resist that?

Gather your all-coconut-everything ingredients

Coffee and coconut make such an excellent pairing because iced coffee's robust, slightly bitter bite is so well tempered by the many sweet, nutty, and creamy finished products made from the unique tropical fruit. So what coconutty items should you have on your grocery list to make one?

Basic coconut milk is a great place to start, but you can also amp up the flavor by combining it with coconut-sweetened condensed milk, which will provide a thick and creamy consistency to your glass. Either stir or whiz it all together in a blender with some ice for a Frappuccino-inspired creation. And to finish off the drink, consider topping it with fluffy coconut whipped cream and a sprinkle of toasted coconut flakes. Stick a straw in it and prepare for a delicious escape beneath the palm trees of your palate. It's a vacation in a glass, even if you're just sitting at your desk.