Miller Union's Steven Satterfield And Three Juice Recipes | Tasti

Miller Union's Steven Satterfield shares three juice recipes

January is cleanse season.


We've finally decided it's time to give our stomachs a break from fatty deliciousness (albeit a short one; we can't stay away for too long). And to find inspiration for our new lightness of being, so to speak, we knew exactly who to call.

Steven Satterfield.

He of Atlanta's Miller Union, where he builds dishes vegetables first, then adds protein. He who teaches countless demos on cooking with produce at local farmers' markets. And he who, when faced with stage III testicular cancer and three rounds of chemo in 2012, took an already healthy diet and "power-packed meals with fruit and vegetables."

Satterfield says, "When I finished chemo, they told me it would take six months to recover, but I was back at the restaurant the following week."

We asked him to create a juice recipe to counteract our mid-month meat bloat. Satterfield responded with a rainbow: three nutrient-dense, color-coded juices that actually taste good, too.

Red (beet, carrot, parsnip, blood orange, lemon): "The blood orange and lemon disguise the vegetables. Parsnip and carrot are related, so 'what grows together goes together.'"

Green (tart apple, pear, celery, purple-top turnip, turnip greens, Serrano chile): "Using the roots of the turnip makes this more interesting than a kale juice–and the heat from the chile adds a cleansing element."

Orange (butternut squash, sunchokes, ginger, turmeric, lemon): "It has a creaminess from all the starch, and lots of anti-inflammatory and health benefits from the ginger and turmeric."