16 Popular Rums For Mojitos, Ranked From Worst To Best

Rum is used in a variety of classic cocktails, like daiquiris, piña coladas, and mojitos. Mojitos — which are traditionally made with a mix of simple syrup, muddled mint leaves, lime juice, rum, and club soda — have been popular for decades. Everyone from college bar hoppers to refined cocktail connoisseurs can appreciate a well-made mojito. And what's not to like? It's a light mix of sweet and savory.

The origins of the mojito are murky and there are several theories regarding its origins. No matter where it came from, though, it's an undeniably loved mixed drink. The mojito is a solid choice whether you're on the beach, at a dive bar, or in your own kitchen — as long as it's made with great rum.

The cocktail typically employs white rum, which is a mild, lighter spirit aged for a year or more (whereas darker rums are aged longer and have deeper flavors). Though typically best enjoyed straight up, some are also extremely well suited for a mojito. As for the clear variety, it's the must-pick for mojitos. But exactly which bottle of rum should you choose? We assembled a collection of popular rums below — those best suited for making mojitos — and ranked them based on how well the flavors work in the classic cocktail. To ensure you can make an informed decision when choosing a spirit for the cocktail, here are 16 popular rums for mojitos ranked from worst to best.

16. Captain Morgan White Rum

While Captain Morgan has its place at every bar, the same cannot be said for any expertly-made mojito. When you think of the distillery, the first thing that likely comes to mind are its wide selection of darker, spiced bottles. There is a reason Captain Morgan White Rum doesn't usually enter into the conversation — it is very one-note and lackluster. A mojito is all about that complex, yet still light, flavor. If you don't have that depth in a white rum, the entire drink suffers.

Unfortunately, Captain Morgan White Rum is insanely sweet. While a liquor made from sugarcane is bound to have those flavor notes, this variety is lacking everything else. It feels like a very run-of-the-mill white spirit rather than a must-stock liquor for mojito enthusiasts. Stick to Captain & Coke if you have a bottle of this, as there are far better mojito mixers in this price range that taste much better.

15. Rhum Barbancourt Rhum Blanc

This is a Haitian rum that is made from pure can sugar juice. It's clear and less potent than other rums on the market, but it's a great discount option. Though there's pronounced a sweetness, the rum also has an earthy edge. It isn't particularly complex, but it's not a bad option as a mixer.

Rhum Blanc is made using French methods of making cognac, but applied to rum and aged for flavor. It's distinct in its taste, but the white isn't the best bottle Barbancourt makes (the distillery's aged rums, especially the ones that have been in the barrel for over a decade, are the way to go). It works for a mojito, but it isn't something to seek out considering it's pretty run-of-the-mill, flavor-wise. For less than $20 a bottle, it's a safe bet when you're making mojitos for a crowd and don't want to break the bank on anything top shelf.

14. The Real McCoy 3 Year Old Rum

Another balanced yet basic option is the Real McCoy white rum which is a aged for three years. The company stemmed from a Prohibition era rum runner named Bill McCoy, and the business has been distilling spirits ever since. While the legacy is there, the brand's white rum is pretty forgettable. This bottle tastes more like a generic, nameless white liquor rather than a typical rum, mostly due to the lack of complex flavors and aromas present in its light body.

The Real McCoy is a balanced liquor, but not one to seek out by any means. If you're the kind of person that likes to make cocktails that taste like they barely have any alcohol in them, this might be a good option. Otherwise, it's one you can easily pass up at the liquor store for a more traditional light rum that would be better suited for mojitos.

13. Mount Gay Eclipse Silver

Mount Gay is native to Barbados and is known for their expertly-aged rum, but their silver variety is worthy to discuss all on its own. It's a fruity and smooth spirit that isn't aged, but still packs a full-body flavor from beginning to end. It's a solid white rum that offers the sweetness of bananas to a mojito, without adding a harsh edge to the drink. Straight up, it does burn a bit going down. But in a drink, it balances well while still packing a punch to tell you that you're enjoying a real adult beverage, and not something that is quietly present in the background.

This is a rum best left for mixing. It cannot stand on its own, but when you're only drinking mojitos, it doesn't have to. It's not necessarily a must-try, but it definitely works when you're in a pinch and need a palatable rum to mix.

12. Barcardi Carta Blanca

Barcardi Carta Blanca is one of the most recognized white rums on the market. Head to any college bar or a booze-fueled vacation destination and you're sure to find endless red solo cups of Carta Blanca and Coca-Colas or a straight-from-the-bottle daiquiri mix with a Bacardi twist. It's popular because it's basic, relatively inexpensive, and doesn't require a lot of research. You know exactly what you're getting every time.

Honestly, Bacardi's Carta Blanca tastes like another nondescript clear spirit rather than epitomizing the typical tasting notes in clear rums. It's not bad, but it's not particularly good. People like Bacardi because it is just solid and reliable. If you've ever ordered a standard rum & Coke at a bar, it probably had Bacardi in it. There's nothing wrong with the familiar, but it's important to recognize the wide variety of flavors a clear rum can embody, as exemplified in this list.

11. Cruzan Aged Light Rum

Cruzan's light rum is the spirit to select when looking to add a tropical edge to your mojito, especially if you're someone who loves to add fruit to the cocktail. It has hints of vanilla, coconut, and more. It's dry like a white wine with a clean finish, despite having the full-body taste of a rum aged in oak barrels.

The Cruzan Aged Light Rum is definitely meant to be a mixer — it doesn't have a strong enough flavor to sip on its own. But in a mojito or a Mai Tai, it's a great affordable option to keep stocked in your bar rather than your usual bottle of Captain Morgan or Bacardi. It's not exactly a rum to seek out and try, but if you're in a pinch, there are definitely worse options out there. But you cannot go wrong picking up a bottle if you want to mix some crowd-pleasing cocktails.

10. Plantation Original Dark Rum

Plantation Original Dark Rum is rich, complex, and made from molasses. It is a blended rum consisting of Barbados one- to three-year-old and 10- to 15-year-old Jamaican pot-still high-ester rum. After distilling, the components are blended in France in a wooden vat for three to six months, leading to ample flavor and aroma. The nose offers clove, black peppercorn, cinnamon, cherry, and some earthiness. At first, this rum tastes fruity with elements of pineapple. Then, the taste progresses to become spicy and relatively dry.

While dark rum is typically used in cocktails like a Dark and Stormy, it can also be used in a mojito. It isn't always the go-to choice for mojitos but makes the perfect finishing touch. Floating a layer of dark rum on the top adds a rich flavor overall and turns the potency up. Even so, Plantation Original Dark Rum can be used as the main rum in a mojito if you don't have any white rum available. The spicy elements may outshine some of the lighter citrusy notes of a mojito, but it certainly gets the job done. And considering it only costs around $20, it's definitely worth checking out.

9. Matusalem Platino

This light, straight-up rum from the Dominican Republic has a hint of sweetness and a crisp finish. Matusalem Platino, which was started in Cuba nearly 150 years ago, is step above your standard well rums but not quite a premium offering. It is a tasty option for less than $20, so it's a perfect mixer. Also, the alcohol flavor is strong with a hint of coconut, so it works well in a refreshing cocktail like a mojito without being too overbearing. And the hints of vanilla and almond notes add to the overall full-body flavor.

For sipping on its own, it's not a must-try option as it doesn't have the legs to shine without a mixer. Rather, Matusalem Platino is a good bottle to keep stocked at your bar whenever the craving for a mojito strikes. In a pinch, it's nice on the rocks, but it's a good staple to expand your knowledge of rum-based cocktails outside of your typical daiquiris and mojitos.

8. Don Q Cristal

As far as basic white rums, you can't go wrong with picking up a bottle of Don Q Cristal from the liquor store. It's like a slightly more unique version of Bacardi, with similar notes as both rums hail from Puerto Rico. It doesn't necessarily stand out when compared to some of the top options on a list, but it makes you look a little more sophisticated if you serve this at a party rather than the typical Bacardi white. However, Don Q doesn't have a wow factor by any means.

Don Q Cristal is not a complex rum whatsoever, with the smell being light and not overly filled with various aromas. It has a slightly tart flavor that's on the drier side if that's up your alley. But it makes for a good subtle mojito that isn't overly alcoholic, yet still packs a solid flavor base. It's also a great choice for a rum if you're considered about the environment.

7. Havana Club Anejo Blanco

Havana Club's white rum is one of the more savory options on the list, which can provide some interesting flavors to your typical sugar-driven mojito. This rum almost has a saltiness to it, so it's best for those who are wary of overly sweet drinks. It's distilled in Puerto Rico and is made by the Bacardi company, but uses a longtime Cuban family recipe for its distinct flavor. There's a hint of sweetness through fruit flavors at first, but those are followed by a an extended finish.

The recipe has been the same of Havana Club's Anejo Blanco since 1934, so it's a tried and true favorite. It's definitely a bit more of an acquired taste, but it can be fun to experiment with in different cocktails because of its atypical flavor. It almost is like it has a class of cocktails all its own because it's so distinct.

6. Bayou White Rum

Bayou White Rum definitely stands out thanks to its heavily present and rich butterscotch flavors that mix perfectly with hints of tropical fruits like pineapple and coconut. It's a unique rum in that there's also a slightly woody flavor that rounds out the taste.

As hinted with its name, Bayou is based in Louisiana and uses locally-grown sugar cane from the oldest family-owned and operated sugar mill in the U.S. The non-traditional distilling methods do result in a rum that stands out, but is still solid enough to make a classic mojito taste just right. It has a nice burn at the end that is muted by the fresh flavors of tropical fruit, lending itself to a balanced, yet memorable drink that will definitely go to your head while still tasting expertly mixed. It may be relatively new on the scene but Bayou White Rum is getting plenty of attention including a silver medal at the 2019 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

5. Flor de Cana 4 Year Extra Seco

Flor de Cana is a distillery out of Nicaragua that specializes in sustainably produced rum that is carbon neutral as well as fair trade certified. It's 4 Year Extra Seco is a downright solid pick across the board when it comes to flavor and price — as it sells for just around $20 a bottle. Be warned — it is a dry silver rum and not particularly fruity, so if you're not into that you might want to throw another liquor into your mojito.

But if you're not scared away by a dry finish, Flor de Cana Extra Seco hits the mark in every category. The smell is on point, giving off notes of vanilla and oak. It's smooth, while still giving you a complex and strong silver rum flavor. It's one of those rums on this list worth trying out if it catches your eye in the liquor store, as it doesn't disappoint in any drink or even straight up on the rocks.

4. Campesino Silver Rum

Pristine and unadulterated, Campesino Silver Rum doesn't contain any added artificial or natural flavors. Instead, this straight rum urges you to enjoy the natural taste of pure rum at its finest. It is made with a blend of rums from the Angostura Distillery in Trinidad and Tobago and a secret undisclosed Nicaraguan distillery. Aged for two to five years, it reaches maturation in ex-bourbon casks and is then charcoal-filtered, giving it a clean, light finish. A subtle flavor with delicate hints of vanilla makes Campesino Silver Rum the perfect rum for mixing cocktails. The clean, round taste won't overpower the complex flavors of a mojito, either.

Inspired by experiences living in the jungle, Campesino Silver Rum brings a taste of the Campesino, AKA family farmer, lifestyle to your mojitos. Its straightforward flavor speaks to the proud spirit of the culture and encompasses the passion and skill of thriving in the wilderness. At 80 proof, it may not be as strong as some options on our list, but its dry, balanced flavor takes your mojitos to the next level. It only costs about $25, too, so give it a try the next time you want pure flavors at a reasonable price. 

3. El Dorado 3 Year Old

El Dorado 3 Year Old is one of the few rums on this list that is truly better on its own than in a cocktail, which is why it's near the top but doesn't claim the top spot. The company's white rum is made in Guyana and is a feast for the senses, almost like you'd expect from a dark rum. It's because it's aged for three years, then doubled filtered to remove the color, giving it a full-bodied flavor. It does add a lot to a drink like a mojito, but for rum connoisseurs, straight up is the way to first try out El Dorado. 

The coconut flavor is present in this, mixed with a dry finish and notes of vanilla and citrus. El Dorado makes a variety of rums, most are aged longer than three years, so there are plenty of options to try out. But stick to the white for a classic mojito.  

2. Probitas White Blended Rum

Mixed from three Caribbean rums, Probitas White Blended Rum is made with a lower-ester pot-still rum, an aged pot-still rum, and an unaged column-still rum. The lower-ester pot-still rum is produced at the Hampden Estate in Jamaica, and the other two come from the Foursquare Rum Distillery in Barbados. The three elements are selected and blended by master distillers, resulting in a top-quality finished product perfect for sipping or mixing in cocktails.

Probitas White Blended Rum features a potent aroma of grass, tropical fruit, and vanilla, all of which give mojitos a pleasant fragrance. In addition, the flavor also enhances the elements of mojitos with a citrus peel flavor accented by sweet molasses and bananas. Fun fact: While this rum is sold under the name Probitas in the United States, it goes by the name Veritas in Europe. Either way, the name translates to honesty or truth. Probitas may be a top-quality product, but it is reasonably priced and should only cost about $25. Lastly, its light straw color ensures your mojitos stay bright and clear.

1. Plantation 3 Stars

The absolute best rum to make a mojito with isn't even technically a white rum — it's dark. Plantation 3 Stars may be clear but it is actually a dark rum that is cold filtered to appear light. The award-winning rum itself is a tribute to rums produced in the Caribbean, combining inspiration from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad.

Plantation 3 Stars has a full, complex taste with a smooth finish that is amazing on its own, but even better complemented in a mojito or a daiquiri. The price point is around $20, which you cannot beat for a spirit that is this good. It's a must-try option for rum lovers and will quickly become a regular bottle in your bar rotation after you try it out. If you introduce your rum novice friends to a cocktail including Plantation 3 Stars, you will open up their minds to what rum can be.


Given the bevy of potential rum options available to make a mojito on the market — both light and dark varieties — we first compiled a list of popular and widely available rum varieties known to work particularly well in mojitos. We focused almost exclusively on white rum varieties and brands when assembling a list of spirits to include in these rankings.

Once we compiled a list of popular rums for mojitos, we proceeded to rank the entries from worst to best based on a variety of factors. While we considered affordability and accessibility when assessing our ranking order, we mainly ranked the rums on this list based on taste and how compatible the rum's flavor notes were with other classic mojito ingredients. While we have not personally tried a mojito made with each and every rum in these rankings, we used our depth of knowledge and experience with rums and mojitos when determining which rums taste best in the cocktail.

Mojito recipes for these popular rums

Now that we've provided you with a list of top-notch rum brands and varieties to mix in your mojito, you may be wondering about specific recipes to use the listed spirits. You can always stick to with a refreshing classic mojito, or opt to jazz up your favorite mojito with a pinch of strawberry leaves to impart additional flavor and color. If you prefer a different type of fruit, perhaps you'd enjoy a watermelon mojito cocktail during the summertime.

In fact, whether it's strawberries, watermelon, or another fruit entirely, adding pureed fresh fruit creates an even better mojito. Furthermore, if you're in a celebratory mood during the winter holiday season and looking to enjoy the festivities with a mint-focused cocktail, Christmas mojitos are a creamy take on the classic drink. Though that particular recipe recommends swapping in coconut rum, if you use coconut milk, you can utilize any of the rums listed in these rankings and enjoy a creamier seasonal beverage.