Christmas Mojitos Are A Creamier Take On The Classic Drink

Bite-sized appetizers and sparkling decorations are great and all, but the real star of a Christmas party is often the holiday drinks that breathe life into all the casual small talk. For those who love something classic and timeless that's good for any occasion, a mojito might just be the perfect choice. And don't worry about it not being festive enough. 

Give the ingredients a coconut tweak and you've got a marvelous cocktail overflowing with the holiday spirit. A mix of rum, lime juice, sugar, soda, and mint, the typical mojito is a summer ballad with refreshingly bright and citrusy notes. It may not seem like much, but swapping out the rum and soda for coconut rum and coconut milk is all it takes to infuse this classic drink with Christmas's joyful essence. 

These substitutes offer a delicate creaminess that turns the usual fizzy feel into a velvety smooth cascade of flavors. Tropical in nature, they evoke a sunshiney vibrancy that chases away those winter blues with every sip. This creamy base perfectly intertwines with the lime's tangy zest and the mint's herbaceous aroma, giving you the mojito's classic elegance with an extra sweet touch to capture that holiday festivity.

A holiday special that still feels familiar

Even with the ingredient swap, the mojito is still made the same way. Begin by muddling mint leaves, lime, and sugar together, then stir in the coconut rum (you can do a full swap or still use half the regular rum), coconut milk, and a little coconut cream if you want some extra richness. If you prefer a lighter and more refreshing version, however, swap out the coconut milk for coconut water. A regular glass should be sufficient enough to build the drink, but some also like to use a cocktail shaker or a blender to achieve different levels of thickness and flavor dilution. 

Once the mixing is done, top it off with ice and some club soda or sparkling water for that fizzy fun. Add a festive flair by garnishing your cocktail with fresh mint leaves, cranberries, or pomegranate arils. The sight of a snow-white drink dotted with pops of red and green makes this cocktail a perfect visual match with the holiday's aesthetic. (Plus, we have a nifty trick for easily removing pomegranate seeds using water.)

This Christmas mojito is good enough as it is, but don't let that stop you from incorporating a few other ingredients, too. For a subtle spice that leaves a lingering warmth in the aftertaste, add a pinch or two of cinnamon, nutmeg, or clove. Or, you can sprinkle in some fresh berries or orange zests for a zingy spark to cut through all that coconut creaminess. These add-ons can be mixed straight in with the main ingredients, or used to top off the drink as a finishing touch.