The Stanley Tumbler Hack That Keeps Venti Starbucks Drinks Cold All Day

Obsession knows many forms and has myriad targets. However, few can hold a candle to the near-worship that surrounds both Stanley tumblers and Starbucks beverages. And, let's be honest ,the Venn diagram of these two is probably very nearly a circle. As such, you probably won't be surprised to learn that there is a viral hack — when it comes to Stanley, there are lots of hacks — that puts the insulation power of the fashionable, monochromatic travel cup to use keeping iced Starbucks beverages cold.

This little nugget of wisdom has been making the rounds on social media for a minute, but it is so serendipitous that it deserves to be amplified. You're probably thinking, "Duh, you just dump the drink in the cup, where's the hack in that?" But no, this discovery involves a lot less mess. If you've purchased a venti iced beverage from Starbucks and you have a 40 ounce Stanley tumbler, pop off the tumbler's lid and slide your plastic cup inside. That's right — it just so happens that the Starbucks cup fits flush with the rim of the tumbler, leaving just the lid exposed for sipping. Your hands won't get cold, and your drink won't get warm.

Stanley and Starbucks go way back

As noted, this hack has pinballed around social media, so there are lots of takes from fans. Most find that this obviously helps keep the Starbucks beverage cold longer. One TikTok user even said that by sliding her drink into her Stanley tumbler, she can leave it in her car in the harsh Arizona heat and return to find that the ice hasn't even melted. But don't just go out and try this willy-nilly — when it comes to this hack, one size doesn't fit all. That is to say, this hack only works with Starbucks' venti iced beverage cups and Stanley's 40 ounce Quencher tumbler. Though the 30 ounce Quencher looks similar, you'll be left with a lot of cup sticking out, negating the desired effect.

This isn't the first time the Stanley and Starbucks spheres have overlapped. With two powerful, engaging brands, the gravitational pull of the synergy is just too much to deny. Stanley has been steadily rolling out branded Starbucks tumblers created in collaboration with the coffee chain. There was the pink version that was an instant hit when it was released at Target. However, not every product can be a homerun. An upcoming metallic Starbucks and Stanley tumbler has set online tongues wagging about its perceived unattractiveness as well as a steep mark-up in price. It'll keep your venti from heating up, but many are of the opinion that it's not really worth it, especially if you already have a 40 ounce Stanley Quencher.