How To Finally Get That Tightly-Sealed Talenti Gelato Jar Open

When the soul yearns for a refreshing frozen treat, only the perfect blend of quality and convenience is equipped to answer the call. For many, that blend goes by the name of Talenti. With the brand's many rich and creamy gelato flavors and its bold and fruity sorbetto selections, fans of Talenti find a unique satisfaction when indulging in the premium tasting treat that seems to simply operate at a higher level than most other popular gelato brands

That is, if they can get their containers open. Talenti brings a new meaning to the phrase "I scream for ice cream" with their notoriously difficult-to-open jars. For unknown reasons, some lids get screwed on so tightly during production that customers can't get them open no matter how hard they try. If you find yourself in the same boat, unable to feast upon your glorious frozen treat due to a stuck lid, your safest and most effective bet is to run the container's lid under warm water.

This handy trick works thanks to the physics property of thermal expansion. If you weren't paying attention in high school science, don't worry. All it really means is that objects tend to change size and shape when heated and cooled. When you run warm water over a tight-fitting lid of Talenti, it causes the lid to expand, making it easier to unscrew. Meanwhile, the bottom of the jar, where the creamy gelato awaits, is still very cold, which keeps the shape of the jar itself constant.

Other jar-opening solutions are much less safe

Many Talenti fans have shared their tips online for getting lids unstuck, but even though they may have technically worked, it doesn't necessarily mean you should try them at home. One user posted a video on YouTube in which they wedged a flathead screwdriver into the gap between the lid and the jar until they freed up enough space to twist off the lid. Another user did the same thing with a butter knife. 

Additionally, a quick search for "Talenti opening tips" on TikTok will produce videos of disgruntled fans resorting to everything from prying open the lid with scissors to smashing it with a hammer, all the way to beating it with a skillet. Talenti has cautioned against unsafe solutions by replying to frustrated followers on X (formerly Twitter), suggesting that they instead reach out to the brand directly to get a replacement jar.

In another post reply, Talenti stated that the company is aware of the ongoing issue and is working on a long-term fix for the lids that have been screwed on too tightly. The brand goes on to suggest the warm water trick as a safe way to loosen its lids. Until a permanent solution is unveiled, relying on physics and your kitchen sink seems to be the best way to get to your delicious gelato faster. However, if you'd like to try another creative and safe approach, you can always use half of an old tennis ball to remove a stubborn lid.