Is It Dangerous To Grill In The Rain?

You've been planning the perfect summer barbecue all week, but alas, the weather has taken a turn for the worse with heavy rain on the forecast. You've decided the party must go on but wonder if it's dangerous to grill in the rain. The answer is both yes and no. It's dangerous if you're using an electric grill in the rain — it's like using an electric toaster in the shower or tub, which you should never do. The electricity from electric appliances, like toasters and grills, can flow from the water and electrocute you. Along with rain, when it snows, you should also avoid using your electric grill, as snow can melt into water.

Water can also cause sparks and make an electronic appliance or an outlet overheat, which in turn can become a dangerous fire. Unless you're using a water-resistant smartphone or an electric vehicle, it's best to not to mix rain with electronic appliances like electric grills. But let's say you have a pellet, charcoal, or gas grill instead of an electric one. In that case, it is safe to grill when it rains or snows; just keep the lid over the food unless you enjoy a rain-drenched meal. And wear rainproof clothing, like a poncho and rain boots as needed.

When it rains, you can use a smokeless electric grill indoors

Don't despair just yet if it rains and you only have an electric grill. If it is a smokeless electric grill, you can use it indoors, like in a covered garage or a covered patio where the rain can't hit the grill. To make sure your electric grill is smokeless, check the manufacturer's pamphlet and labels. You should be able to find the words "smokeless" or "indoors" somewhere. Do not, however, bring your smoky gas or charcoal grill into your house or garage and cook barbecued food indoors. Not only will you risk a fire and your home will smell for days, you'll be creating dangerous carbon monoxide levels indoors.

Hosting a barbecue party can be fun and delicious for everyone, but it's important to be safe and take some precautions, especially with inclement weather. Additionally, we recommend you check out our 16 essential grilling tips and tricks and invest in the best grilling tools. We also recommend you learn more about the different types of grills before choosing one, like how to tell the real difference between propane grills and gas grills.