Essential Grilling Tools For Every Kind Of Cook

Essential tools for every kind of griller

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By now, you're well into BBQ season and are either an old pro at cooking on the grill or at least a pro at eating off it. No matter what kind of griller you fancy yourself, there's always room for another BBQ tool.

Admit it: You want a new toy to improve your grilling skills, or just show off to all your friends. Here are nine tools for every kind of griller.

For the Lazy Griller: The Grill Wrangler ($25)

Photo: Courtesy of Quirky

You've made it to the grill, but the thought of reaching for a fork when you've already got tongs in one hand is just too much for you. You'll stab that piece of chicken with the end of your tongs if you have to! But wait: There's a handy tool that has tongs, a spatula and a fork all in one. No reaching (or mutilating your chicken with blunt objects) necessary.

For the Creative: The Flexible Grilling Skewer ($8)

Photo: Courtesy of Fire Wire

Symmetrical kebabs on the grill is so last year. Your creative mind can't deal with all those straight lines. Let your imagination shine with these flexible skewers. They also happen to be very helpful for getting a bunch of food to fit on the grill at one time.

For the Newb: Long-Handled Tongs ($12)

Photo: Courtesy of OXO

If you're new to grilling, the one tool you absolutely need is a good pair of tongs. And if you're a little afraid of the fire, grab a long-handled pair for maximum distance from the flame.

For the Gourmand: The Himalayan Salt Plate ($25)

Photo: Courtesy of Charcoal Companion 

Simply throwing meat on the grill isn't enough for you. As a sophisticated home cook, you need something more. You need a pink, Himalayan salt block, on which you'll cook everything from flank steak to a whole fish. 'Cuz you fancy.

For the Nervous Griller: The 7-Piece BBQ Apron and BBQ Tools Set ($15)

Photo: Courtesy of Imperial Home

If you don't have every single tool at the ready, something could go terribly, terribly wrong. To avoid disaster, sport this special apron, which comes with grilling essentials you can keep on your person at all times.

For the Neat Freak: Alpha Grillers Triple-Head BBQ Grill Brush ($15)

Photo: Courtesy of Alpha Grillers

The thought of leaving grease and grit on the grill deeply disturbs you. A regular cleaning won't do either. You need something more powerful. You need something like this ultimate brush, which can give your grill a heavy-duty scrub down.

For the Vegetable Lover: The Professional-Grade Vegetable Basket ($20)

Photo: Courtesy of Weber

Move over, meat. It's all about grilled vegetables—from long beans to asparagus—these days. And since you're going to be grilling a lot, you'll need a quality basket. The best part about this one is it's easy to clean, which means one thing: You can grill even more vegetables.

For the Alpha: Bear Paws ($13)

Photo: Courtesy of Bear Paw Products, Inc.

You've been known to use your hands to take meat off the grill. And why not? You're tough enough. But since your pals aren't always so happy to see you manhandling their dinner, you could use a set of these claws instead.

For the Class Act: The Chimney Starter ($15)

Photo: Courtesy of Weber

The chimney starter is one of the best tools you can buy for your grill. It's cheap, easy to use and lights charcoal quickly. You can also say so long to lighter fluid, which isn't great for your health or the environment. You're smart, so you'd better equip yourself with the smartest option out there.