The Popular Cheese Brand That You Should Take Off Your Shopping List

For those obsessed with it, cheese is more than just a passion. It is a way of life. But with so many options to choose from, finding which to buy and which to avoid may seem daunting. Fortunately, Tasting Table ranked 15 popular cheese brands and found one that you should take off your shopping list: Publix own-brand cheddar.

It's no secret that Publix has an excellent deli counter. In fact, the grocery store has developed a cult-like following for its sub sandwiches, known affectionately as Pub Subs by fans. The supermarket's deli section, however, features more than just sandwiches. Not only will you find the chain's in-house deli meat there, but you'll also find its own brand of cheese.

Although Publix ranks highly among stores with the best cheese selection, its home-brand cheddar cheese isn't all that great, and scored the lowest in our rankings. In early 2011, Publix began offering specialty cheeses under its Publix Deli brand, including varieties of Swiss, asiago, and brie. The store went so far as to send representatives overseas to observe how cheese was made in different parts of the world. They also used customer feedback to determine which types to launch. While Publix put much time and effort into its specialty cheese selection, it seems the grocery dropped the ball on its regular block of cheddar cheese.

Why you should avoid Publix brand cheddar

What makes high-quality cheese depends on several factors, including its appearance, smell, and taste. High-end cheese is usually made by artisan cheesemakers through traditional methods, such as using raw milk. While Publix claims to use some traditional methods to make some of its own cheese brands, particularly the imported varieties, what we found in its regular block of cheddar was that it was lacking in the crucial taste factor.

As mentioned previously, Publix offers a vast selection of cheeses in its deli section. This includes different brands and varieties that range from premium to high-end options. So we say you are probably better off opting for another brand over Publix's own cheddar cheese. Our reviewer found that when compared to more established brands, such as Kerrygold or Cabot, Publix cheddar cheese simply does not offer the taste that most cheese lovers want. They found that it is lacking in flavor and is better used grated to be added as an ingredient in a recipe rather than enjoyed on its own. Although it may be fine to use in your next home-cooked meal, it is best to avoid Publix's cheddar cheese brand if you're looking for a really good cheese to splurge on.