The Smoky Ingredient That Adds A Gourmet Finishing Touch To Deviled Eggs

Not much needs to be said about the wonders of deviled eggs since we know it all too well already. Any time the party, potluck, or outdoor festivity calls for a quick and crowd-pleasing appetizer, it's the no-brainer dish to make. More often than not, it kicks the meal off with a familiar, wholesome taste, which you can easily customize to fit your liking with just one or two extra ingredients. Smoked oysters, for example, are all you need for a gourmet spin that will transform this dish from homemade delight to restaurant-worthy in an instant.

This canned seafood is unlike anything else. Robustly umami and briney with a rich smoky undertone, it's a striking contrast with the deviled eggs' buttery, creamy taste. Coming together, they make an intriguing juxtaposition of perfectly woven lightness and depth. The smoked oysters are tender yet meaty, dancing amongst the soft, creamy egg fillings. Each bite melts the flavors decadently onto your taste buds. Even so, this addition is still subtle enough to walk the fine line between sophisticated and comforting, elevating the dish without taking away the true deviled eggs experience.

Two easy ways to incorporate smoked oysters into your deviled eggs

Smoked oysters, much like various other canned products, come with the invaluable convenience of not needing any preparation whatsoever. All you have to do is pop open the can and they're good to go. With deviled eggs, there's an extra step of chopping them up into smaller pieces before adding them to the filling mix, but that's it. Another way is to simply top the deviled eggs with the smoked oyster to give them a unique, captivating finishing touch. The soaking liquid is generally not needed, but you can add a smidgen to intensify the taste, or thin out the filling if it gets too thick.

With the oysters introducing a smokiness to the deviled eggs, consider using other condiments with a similar smoky tone to tie everything together. For spices, you can try smoked paprika, smoked salt, chipotle powder, ground ancho chile, etc. Herbs that typically go in smoky, grilled dishes, such as cumin, oregano, and thyme are also perfect, especially if you want to give the dish an aromatic complexity.

As for the garnish and toppings, keep it simple to avoid overwhelming the dish and pulling the focus away from the oysters. Opt for smoked salmon caviar if you aim to impress and keep up the fine dining magic. If nothing else, just go for fresh herbs. It works like a charm with regular deviled eggs and will fare just as well with the smoked oyster rendition.