Swap The Grazing Table With A 'Shotcuterie' Board For The Ultimate Girls Night In

Take your perfectly made charcuterie boards to the next level with trays of shots. We're not talking strictly shots of your favorite boozy concoctions, either. While shotcuterie puts shot glasses at the heart of this presentation, you'll be filling shot glasses with snacks and bites of food, not only liquids for your next girls night.

Petit fours fans will adore the concept of a shotcuterie party, as the recipes you put together are intended to be plated in small, individual servings. The shot-based theme is ideal for gatherings in which you want to encourage guests to help themselves, as the pre-portioned bites can be easily and cleanly picked up and served. You'll need plenty of shot glasses to make this kind of presentation happen, but even if your home bar is weak in the glasses department, you can use smaller containers, cups, and saucers to set onto trays and pack with treats. With prettily made glasses of food and drink presented for your guests, your party is in for a fun aesthetic upgrade.

Setting up a boozy theme night for girlfriends

Just as you consider the flavors, colors, and textures of the ingredients you place onto a standard charcuterie board, consider which items will work best when set into individual containers. Use clear shot glasses to your advantage to layer ingredients and keep your recipes organized by lining up similar treats in rows. The kinds of snacks you'd collect for charcuterie snack boxes can easily come into play here: Carefully cubed pieces of cheese, chopped fruit topped with dollops of whipped cream, vegetable sticks and hummus, and delicate containers of layered cakes and puddings. You can use trays to separate sweet and savory bites.

Of course, any shotcuterie party wouldn't be complete without a lineup of boozy shots at the ready, so consider setting up dispersed shots stations around the party venue for guests to sample concoctions and mingle with other attendees. Your creative party idea will not only be the talk of your friends at the party, but photos of your shot-contained presentations will make plenty of appearances on the socials.