This Is How Many Mimosas Can Be Made From One Bottle Of Champagne

If you're planning to host a boozy weekend brunch party for your friends, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of bubbles to keep the drinks flowing. Buying the necessary ingredients in advance can help you relax and enjoy the day without needing to fumble with empty bottles or race to the store mid-event in search of what you need to refill pitchers.

Keep in mind that basic mimosa recipes are typically made up of equal parts juice and Champagne. Should you want to treat your friends to a fancier or more complex recipe, such as white mimosas, you may be splashing other ingredients like Cointreau and Lillet Blanc into glasses. Granted, how many pours you can get out of one standard 750ml Champagne bottle will depend on how generous you are with your drink mixing, but if you keep to standard measurements, expect to squeeze out anywhere from six to eight mimosas to serve to your friends. 

Party planning to please

If you set up scattered DIY drink stations and let your guests pour drinks for themselves, some glasses may end up a bit boozier than others. Worried that your office colleagues might be heavy handed with the bubbles? Avoid a quick emptying of your Champagne by batch-making drinks. With pre-made mimosas at the ready to be poured out of pretty containers, a number of Champagne flutes can be filled quickly without requiring guests to guess measurements or inadvertently botch recipe ratios. To be on the safe side as you load up your home bar for a day of debauchery, reach for cheaper bottles of cava and Prosecco to provide the kind of fizz that pairs well with the fresh juices you have on hand.

While traditional mimosas are poured with orange juice, open your mimosa-making repertoire to include other juices like mango, guava, pineapple, or pomegranate. You may find that your palate craves a boozier sip with thicker juices like mango, while thinner juices like cranberry require a lighter pour to give you the effervescent beverages worthy of your Sunday morning fantasies.