Momofuku's Sichuan Chili Butter Lobster Tail Collab Is Just In Time For Summer

Summer is a time for pleasure — and good food is the quickest way to get there. If you're like us, the warmth of the sun has us craving the bright, briny flavors of fresh seafood, which is why we can't wait to get our hands on this limited-edition lobster tail collab between Get Maine Lobster and Momofuku. Get Maine Lobster has been on the cutting edge of premium seafood delivery straight to your door for years and Momofuku is Chef David Chang's restaurant and grocery brand that's widely credited as a key figure in the rise of Asian-American cuisine. 

The collab is a match made in watery heaven and arrives on your plate in the form of Sichuan Chili Butter Lobster Tails. The lobsters are caught fresh in Maine and the tails are flash frozen so they arrive at your doorstep in peak condition. The Sichuan chili butter is packaged separately, so you can choose how you want to add it to the dish – be that dipped, marinated, or drizzled. 

We think fresh lobster is better than frozen but Get Maine Lobster knows what it's doing and its attention to quality means you have nothing to worry about. The duo has a second collab in the works in the form of a Wasabi Yuzu Lobster Roll, which will be launching on June 6, 2024. But both meals are only running for a limited time, so make sure to grab them while you can. The easiest way to do that is to head to Get Maine Lobster's website.

Momofuku's lobster meal kits are easy and delicious

The Sichuan Chili Butter Lobster Tail meal arrives raw but comes together quickly and easily. The package includes cooking instructions that any level of cook can follow, so there's no need to feel locked out if you aren't confident in the kitchen. Best of all, the dish can be assembled in as little as 10 minutes. The flavors take inspiration from David Chang's well-known love of Sichuan cuisine, which helped create his famous Sichuan crawfish dish. Expect a little heat from the Sichuan chili butter in classic Momofuku style. 

You can get the lobster tails in a package of four or eight depending on your needs. The four-pack will run you back around $120, while the eight-pack sits at around $185. If you know you're gonna be hungry, the eight-pack is clearly a better deal. This collaboration comes at the tail end of some culinary drama surrounding Momofuku over the past couple months. Momofuku had attempted to trademark the name "chili crunch" since its chili crunch product has been so successful. 

The drama has since ended, with Momofuku no longer waging its trademark war, but it will be interesting to see how the ordeal will affect sales of this collaboration. In any case, both the Sichuan Chili Butter Lobster Tails and the Wasabi Yuzu Lobster Rolls are calling our name. Now, all we need is to find a good place to put our towel down so we can enjoy these bold flavors under that big beautiful sun.