Here's What You Might Eat For Breakfast In Greece

One of the most exciting parts of traveling is discovering new foods along the way. Breakfast might just be one of the most unique meals you'll encounter — you won't find boxed cereal or breakfast sandwiches very often outside the U.S., but lean into the local offerings, and you may just find a new favorite way to start your day. For example, when you visit Greece, you will see a few familiar foods on the breakfast table. Thick, tangy Greek yogurt, fresh fruit, and a basket of bread is typical, but be prepared for a twist on those old standards, plus some new delights.

Your yogurt will likely be served plain and unflavored but with flavorful Greek honey on the side meant for drizzling over the protein-rich offering, perhaps with some walnuts crumbled on top. Depending on the season, you'll find juicy oranges, plump figs, or wild Grecian berries to enhance the yogurt and dip in the local honey. To complete the dairy selection, you may also find specialty cheese like fresh feta and a cube of rich local butter on the table.

Sesame bread and coffee is an unforgettable morning duo in Greece

Although real Greek yogurt is unbeatable, don't make the mistake of skipping the basket of baked goods. For many Greeks, coffee and bread are the main focus of the morning, and when you taste the local specialties, you'll understand why. Most notable is the ring shaped sesame bread called koulouri. The nutty, crunchy sesame exterior encloses a savory yeast bread, sometimes filled with jam or chocolate-hazelnut spread. Dipping fragments of koulouri into strong, sweet Greek coffee makes for a perfect flavor combination. You'll find this treat at vendor carts everywhere, too, so you can enjoy it as a pick-me-up all day.

Greek coffee is also a breakfast ritual not to miss. You might be in the habit of iced coffee with plenty of milk, but that's not the custom in Greece. Finely ground coffee beans are boiled in a small pot resulting in a strong, black espresso-like brew that's usually sweetened. Your cup will have a layer of grounds, so sip and dip carefully. Between the caffeine, delicious bread and yogurt, you'll be fueled up for a day of sightseeing — or at least until you encounter the aroma of something irresistible for lunch around the corner!