The Fresh Ingredient You Need To Give Store-Bought Mayo A Zing

While the health benefits of grapefruit are well known, this citrus is not just for breakfast or an addition for a spicy mezcal margarita, you can use it to brighten the flavor of your store-bought mayo as well. It might not be on your radar; however, this sweet and sour fruit is an underrated way to upgrade your favorite brand of this spread. Just a squeeze of fresh grapefruit juice or splash of your favorite store-bought brand of juice can add a lovely zing to this condiment that will transform your sandwiches as well as you chicken and potato salads.

To give your mayo a pop of this citrus flavor, you will want to add anywhere from a single teaspoon of grapefruit juice, along with two teaspoons of the fruit's zest per half cup of mayo. If you like a more intense sweet to tart taste, you can add a little more until you hit your taste bud's sweet spot. But don't over do it with the grapefruit juice, or you may have a watery mess.

How to use your grapefruit mayo

And don't forget to add a pinch of salt as well. This is an essential step. Grapefruit tends to be on the sour side, but a little sodium will help dampen the bitter taste that is synonymous with its juice. It will also bring out the sweeter notes so you aren't forced to pucker. However, as lovely as a little sprinkle is for your fruit, don't get too overzealous with the salt or your mayo will simply taste salty. 

Add this citrus-y mayo to your next sweet heat BLT as a beautiful contrast to the savory, smoky bacon or use it to boost the flavor of your coleslaw. You can also use this upgraded store-bought mayo when making your salad dressings and for a number of your favorite dips. Use it to make a quite simple tartar sauce for your fish and chips or for your crab dip. That little extra punch the grapefruit juice and zest adds will make all the difference.