How Many Glasses Of Wine Are In One Standard Box?

In the year 2024, some naysayers still cling to the old myth that a wine must be lower-quality if it comes in a box. (Dionysus wept.) However, many more discerning sippers know that vino quality isn't linked to fancy packaging, and connoisseurs say some of the best blends come in cardboard. The boxed stuff can be even better than wine that comes in a bottle (we're lookin' at you, insipid Barefoot Rosé). It's time to break out the Franzia, tap that lovin' spigot, and pour away — and if you're worried about value, know that a box of wine definitely won't cheat you.

Most boxes of wine pack 3 liters, the equivalent of four 750-milliliter bottles.In the U.S., a standard glass of wine is 5 ounces or about 147 milliliters, so a 3-liter box delivers  20 glasses. Also popular are 5-liter boxes (about 33 glasses), but you can also find smaller packages (around 1 liter) to extra-large, party-ready boxes (10 liters, or over 13 bottles!). Serving sizes can vary from one brand to the next, so be sure to check the packaging to know how much vino you're getting. 

It's also worth mentioning that your preferred pour might be a little heavier than 5 ounces — in which case your box will supply you with fewer but larger glasses. Once it has been opened, a bottle of wine can last for three to four days, which pales in comparison to a box of wine's six weeks of freshness post-opening. 

A great value and other benefits of boxed wine

As with any wine, the boxed stuff has its own size and quality spectrum. The boxed wine with most folks are probably familiar is the Franzia brand, with its standard boxes available in most liquor stores and many grocery stores. This bad boy packs 5 liters, and at $15.99 to $22.99, depending on where you look online, it's an excellent bang for your buck. On the flip side, a 1-liter box of Bandit-brand Pinot Grigio yields about 7 glasses, but it's ultra-portable and sold at Kroger for just $11.99, making it a one-two punch on the convenience front.

The best boxed wines offer more than a great value and taste. They're easy to transport when you don't feel like lugging eight heavy bottles of wine from the grocery store to your home, helping you serve a large crowd with less effort. The compact shape makes it easy to store leftovers, without a gaggle of half-empty wine bottles dominating your refrigerator and peeving your fridge-sharing roommates. 

Switching to boxed wine is also eco-friendly, as it consolidates four glass bottles (or more) into an easy-to-recycle cardboard box. Tablas Creek Vineyard's boxed wine boasts an 84% lower carbon footprint compared to wine packaged in glass bottles. With all these perks, skeptics should seriously consider picking up a box or two for their next big gathering.