Connoisseurs Tell Tasting Table What The Best Boxed Wine Brand Is - Exclusive Survey

While some wine snobs may turn their noses up at boxed wine, many connoisseurs are now embracing the packaged vino, as it often offers a better value and can stay fresher for longer once opened than bottled varieties.

Typically, an open bottle of red or white wine that has been properly stored lasts an average of two to five days, while sparkling wine should be consumed within three days of opening, according to Bon Appétit. On the other hand, Decanter explains some boxed wines can last up to six weeks after they're opened! (Keep in mind, this doesn't necessarily mean that boxed wine has a longer shelf life than bottled: Unlike many bottled wines, boxed wine does not get better with age and should be consumed within six to eight months after it's purchased, according to Wine Folly.)

We were curious about which boxed wine brand fans favor, so Tasting Table polled 588 people living in the U.S. to learn which brand they think is the best, and the results were somewhat surprising.

These are the top boxed wine brands

Red, white, or rosé, this is how people in the U.S. really feel about different boxed wine brands, according to a Tasting Table survey of 588 people.

The most beloved brand, with 29.59% of the vote, was boxed wine mainstay Franzia, meaning 174 wine lovers picked it as their top choice. Next up was House Wine, with 26.7% of respondents saying it is their favorite brand. In third place with nearly 24% of the vote was Black Box, while just over 13% enjoy pouring a glass from Bota Box. Rounding out our survey in fifth place was Bandit with 4.25% of the vote, and Provisions came in dead last with 2.89% of respondents favoring the brand.

Whether you opt for one of these popular boxes of wine or prefer an affordable bottle, cooking with wine is a great way to enrich the flavors of main courses and even desserts like braised beef short ribs, chicken piccata, and baked apples. Just remember our top wine-cooking tip: you should never use a wine you wouldn't also drink. So if you're in the market for an affordable wine to sip with dinner or stir into tomato sauce, consider our survey results. Cheers!