When It Comes To Hard Cider, This Cidermaker Wants You To Think Beyond Apples

In recent years, there has been a surge in hard cider popularity across the U.S. It's a little surprising since hard cider almost disappeared in America at one point. When you think of this popular spiked beverage, it's normal for apples to come to mind. We get it. However, the expert cidermaker Tasting Table recently spoke to wants you to think beyond apples when it comes to hard cider.  Peter Yi, co-founder and head cidermaker at Brooklyn Cider House stated, "Pears are great for making perry (pear cider), cherries or even blueberries can make a good cider and fruit wine." 

Pears, especially when ripened, are often sweeter than apples, making pear cider less tart than apple cider. As for blueberries, they are often available year around, making them an accessible fruit to produce ciders with, plus they add a pronounced blueberry taste. On pears and blueberries, Yi added, "Also, they work well in co-ferments with apples, which some cidermakers are doing right now." Apples can make the ciders tarty, and the inclusion of sweeter fruits can sweeten the cider overall. 

Pears, blueberries, and strawberries can all be used to make hard cider

Yi has been experimenting with even more fruits than pears and blueberries to include in his hard apple ciders. He stated, "At Brooklyn Cider House, we are experimenting with an apple and strawberry cider, where the fruit is fermented together." Not only do Yi's experiments add flavor to his ciders, but whimsy, personality, and a unique spin to the delight of his patrons. We also imagine his ciders taste like fruit pies for adults with all of these different fruity inclusions. 

Additionally, Yi plans on making an apple and blueberry cider at Brooklyn Cider House. If you can't visit Brooklyn Cider House's Tasting Room in NY, you can purchase Yi's ciders online, or you can also take a stab at making your own hard cider at home. Try starting with Tasting Table's delicious boozy apple cider recipe. We also have 10 tips you need for homemade apple cider, in case you'd like to make a non-boozy version of the drink at home. Finally, we have ranked 11 hard cider brands if you have trouble deciding on which other brands to try.