You Only Need 2 Ingredients For This Trader Joe's-Inspired Creamy Frozen Treat

The best part about cottage cheese is how versatile it is — the tangy, creamy, mildly sweet cheese can be used for a number of purposes. In fact, the best uses for cottage cheese range from integrating it into a smoothie to making a savory spread to baking it into a dessert. If you're intrigued by using it for dessert purposes, then you need to know about this easy two-ingredient frozen dessert, courtesy of Trader Joe's.

The quirky and creative grocery chain offers up a recipe for "cottage cheesy lemon freezy," a frozen treat with a base consisting of just cottage cheese and lemon curd — both of which can be bought at TJ's, of course. To make the "freezy," start by adding a one-quart container of small curd cottage cheese to a food processor, then blend until smooth. Next, add one jar of lemon curd into a mixing bowl, then fold in the blended cottage cheese, mixing thoroughly. Transfer the mixture to a bread loaf pan (or any available pan, such as a square dish), then cover it with plastic wrap and freeze until firm. It should take between two and four hours to fully set. After it's frozen, all that's left to do is enjoy a bowl of the fruity, tangy, creamy dessert.

How to customize the two-ingredient cottage cheese freezy

First things first, you don't have to stick with lemon as the flavor of the cottage cheese freezy. While lemon curd is the most common curd out there, feel free to branch out to other lesser-known flavors, such as lime curd, yuzu curd, or orange curd. However, since these other flavors aren't as common, you may not be able to find them in a grocery store, meaning you'll have to make a homemade version, but many curd recipes are quite simple and will be well worth it in the end when you get your ideal flavor.

Alternatively, you can replace the lemon curd with any type of jam — as long as you don't mind the end result being a bit sweeter than it would be with curd. Some fun jam flavors for this recipe include strawberry jam, vanilla blackberry jam, or cranberry chia jam.

Additionally, you can add extra ingredients into the cottage cheese freezy — the Trader Joe's recipe recommends adding crushed lemon cookie thins and chopped almonds, but you can really add anything you'd like. Other cookie options that would work well include Oreos or shortbread cookies, while just about any type of nut will work as well. You can also keep it simple and just add chocolate chips, sprinkles, or both. Granola also works as a delicious add-in — maybe a simple homemade granola or a baked apple chip granola.