The Absolute Best Oat Milk Creamer You Should Be Using In Your Coffee

There are more milk alternatives on the market than ever these days. From almond to cashew, and banana to hemp, it seems any and every plant, nut, and seed has been made into a dairy-free substitute. Still, with so many options to choose from, only one of them is considered the best for your morning coffee. Baristas have long hailed oat milk as the top alternative to use in coffee drinks, citing both its frothability and neutral flavor profile. Not all oat milk products are created equally, however — and that includes your beloved coffee creamers.

For as many varieties of milk alternatives as there are to choose from, there are brands that make them. Names like Oatly and Nut Pods have long dominated the dairy-free creamer aisle, delivering a creamy consistency and a range of flavors to your morning brew. Knowing that, the oat milk creamer brand that Tasting Table's taste testers ranked the best may come off as a bit of a shock. In Tasting Table's ranking of 10 oat milk creamer brands from worst to best, Califia Farm's outdid them all — yes, even Oatly (although it did come in as a close second).

Using the same Trader Joe's iced coffee base, all oat milk creamer brands were judged on the quality of flavor, creaminess, richness, aftertaste, and price. Equivalated to the taste of vanilla ice cream in a liquid form, Califia Farm's vanilla oat coffee creamer can be described in one word: Perfection. The taste testers, simply, had no notes.

Califia Farm's oat milk creamer merges quality and flavor

When it comes down to it, Califia Farm's oat milk coffee creamer hits every category of judgment out of the park. For more or less than $5, you get a pint and a half of an oat-based coffee creamer that's as creamy and decadent as it is flavorful. The bottles can be purchased anywhere from Whole Foods to Walmart, and despite containing just 2 grams of sugar, you only need a small amount to get the vanilla ice cream-like flavor. All in all, Califia Farm's oat milk creamer gives you all the bang for its buck — if not more.

Aside from the quality of the coffee creamer that comes inside Califia Farm's bottles, what really knocks this brand of oat milk coffee creamer out of the park is the variety of flavors you can find them in. Vanilla oat and unsweetened oat are two standard options that Califia Farm's offers for the everyday coffee drinker. However, should you ever feel like changing things up, you can find the brand's oat milk creamer in creative flavors such as cinnamon roll and mint chip. With them, you can keep all of the excitement of a seasonal coffee menu right inside your fridge. Any flavor of Califia Farm's oat milk creamer is sure to deliver creaminess and taste, providing all the quality and convenience to curb your Starbucks oat drink cravings for good.