How Califia Farms New Alternative Milk Line Differs From The Original

Plant-based beverage maker Califia Farms has expanded its offerings to include USDA-certified organic oat milk and almond milk. Both available in 48-ounce bottles, the company's new organic offerings are sold as refrigerated products retailing at $5.99 and $6.49, respectively.

In addition to the two new beverages, Califia Farms has introduced three additional variations of items already available on the market. The first is the creamy chocolate oat milk, which has 50% less sugar than traditional chocolate milk, according to the company. This dairy-free, plant-based product uses real cocoa powder for its chocolatey flavor. 

Next up, the company is offering its original unsweetened almond milk and extra creamy oat milk in a new size. Customers can now get the classic best-sellers in 72-ounce bottles, a big step up from the original 48-ounce packaging. Other products already sold by Califia Farms include creamers, coffee, juices, and seasonal beverages such as peppermint mocha almond creamer.

Fewer ingredients than the originals

The main difference between Califia Farm's new line of milk alternatives compared to its original offerings is the ingredients — or lack thereof. According to the announcement from the company, the new organic oat milk and almond milk only contain three ingredients (purified water, sea salt, and either oats or almonds). Its original unsweetened almond milk includes a few more ingredients, including calcium carbonate, sunflower lecithin, and natural flavor, among others.

Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer at Califia Farms, said the company is pleased to release the new offerings that have fewer ingredients and do not contain any oils or gums. The new products come at a time when the popularity of almond milk continues to increase. According to Statista, the worldwide market value of almond milk was $5.2 billion in 2018 and is predicted to reach $13.25 billion in 2025.

Califia Farms' organic offerings will be available at Kroger Co., Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Farmers Market, and other retailers nationwide.