The Viral Sandwich Cutting Hack That Gives You A Perfect Bite With Each Slice

If you're a sandwich lover, you've undoubtedly participated in the classic debate about how to cut your lunch at least once. While many of us cut sandwiches straight down the middle, plenty argue that a diagonal slice is superior — including a Japanese bakery in the mid-20th century, which popularized these triangles for the 1968 Tokyo Olympics. But recently, another cut has entered the foray — option C, if you will. And there's a good reason to consider this one instead.

In a post that received a whopping 18.9 million views on X, formerly known as Twitter, Ryan Duff shared the innovative way he slices his sandwiches. He divided a toasted ham and cheese 'wich into thirds, which resulted in three cuts outwards from the middle to create a perfect bite every time. The idea here is that unlike the horizontal or diagonal slice, which can leave you with some bites full of crust and others containing only the middle portion, the "Duff Cut" (as he calls it) provides a better balance of crust and filling in each bite.

A slice shrouded in controversy

All those passionate sandwich aficionados had plenty to say about the Duff Cut. One commenter claimed it was the "Mercedes of sandwiches" — not just for the luxury of an ideal crust-to-middle ratio, but also because the shape looks a bit like the Mercedes logo. Another gushed that the slicing style made the sandwich appear larger, saying "I didn't know it was legal to cut a sandwich this way. You made twice as much sandwich out of sandwich."

And yet, the reactions to the self-dubbed sandwich influencer weren't all positive. Food Network judge and chef Andrew Gruel posted a picture of the Duff Cut on X, stating that one of his guests refused to pay for the meal because of the way it was sliced. Another commenter on Duff's post criticized him for doing "everything the wrong way" and one speculated that the fancier cut would add $20 to a sandwich's price tag. 

While the shape is undoubtedly controversial, it's worth trying it out. We'd give it a go on a grilled cheese or cheese-stuffed panini, since the slices increase the surface area for all that gooey goodness to drip out when you take a bite. It might be a bit more difficult to wrangle a cold sandwich, like a sweet heat BLT, into these smaller pieces without it falling apart — but feel free to try it out, and enter into the foray of debate for yourself.