Try This Viral Cocktail That Makes Tequila Haters Second Guess The Booze

Social media is buzzing about a newly discovered cocktail combination that's taking tequila to a new level. The cocktail is a simple mixed drink that combines tequila and apple juice together for a surprisingly toned-down sipper. People who love tequila enjoy the unique grassiness that the agave plant gives it, but there are a lot of haters out there who get nauseous just thinking about the stuff. If you've got a bottle of tequila lying around and you're unsure how to use it since you don't like the taste, mixing it with equal parts apple juice covers up the more pronounced tequila flavors to create something that's dangerously sippable.

The discovery is more of a re-discovery (as most things on the internet are) since people have been pairing apples and tequila for a while. For example, Chimayó is a spiced apple cider and tequila cocktail that takes this simple mixed drink idea and turns it up to a nine. Apples and tequila likely isn't the first flavor combination that comes to mind when thinking of what to pair the spirit with but it's definitely not new. That's not to take away from the (re)discovery — there are plenty of bar tricks that have been lost to time, and it's always exciting to find them crawling back out into the daylight once more.

A tequila drink for people who don't like tequila (and people who do)

Tequila is surprisingly versatile for how unique its flavor profile can be. There are plenty of drinks that are great mixed with tequila, and various types of juice rank high among them. Sweet and tart apple juice doesn't seem like it would work as well as others, but trust us this is one social media fad you don't want to miss out on.

If you like the taste of tequila, mixing it with something that completely hides the flavor may not sound too appealing. That's a judgment call you'll have to make, but this does work better with cheaper tequila for that very reason. If you're hiding the taste anyway, why bother using a bottle that costs twice as much? This is actually why cocktails became popular in the first place. During Prohibition, alcohol production had zero oversight, which meant the quality of the bathtub gin was jarringly low. Speakeasies had to get creative with how they served this stuff, and mixing it with other drinks to hide the taste is how the cocktail was born.

You're more likely to see tequila being paired with orange and cinnamon than apple, but just because something is more traditional doesn't mean the other options aren't worth trying. This one is easy to put together. Just grab a glass and pour however much tequila you want inside, drop some ice in, and fill with apple juice. Give it a good stir, and enjoy.