Trader Joe's Has A New Fluffy Cheesecake Treat Straight From Japan

Trader Joe's is at it again with another new item that's sure to make fans flock to their closest location — and this time it's Japanese soufflé cheesecakes available for a limited time. The fluffy cheesecakes might be an ideal choice for shoppers with a sweet tooth who appreciate Trader Joe's newly-released bubble waffles, another Asian-inspired treat that's often found in the streets of Hong Kong. Japanese soufflé cheesecakes have become popular here in the U.S. in the last several years because of their light, fluffy texture and rich taste that sets them apart from the classic cheesecake your local bakery makes. Unsurprisingly, the new product has already been highlighted on Instagram posts and Reddit threads with thousands of interactions.

As for TJ's rendition of the fluffy Japanese delicacy, the soufflé cheesecakes are made with a base of sweetened condensed milk and cream cheese with lemon flavoring according to its product description. The frozen treats are made in Japan according to the chain — so they should provide an authentic taste like the ones found in bakeries and cafes across Japan or at your local Japanese bakery. They're sold in two packs for $3.29 (plus taxes where applicable), so grab a couple of packs while supplies last.

Transform Trader Joe's Japanese cheesecakes with fruit or ice cream

This is a frozen product so there's a little prep work involved. However, keep the cheesecakes frozen until just a few hours before you indulge in a bite. According to TJ's website, you should defrost the cakes for about three hours in the fridge — and they should not be refrozen. Interestingly, Japanese cheesecake can be eaten warm (unlike the ones we eat in the U.S.), but can also be served cold, as is the case with these cheesecakes if you follow the instructions on the package.

Sure, you can thaw and eat these Japanese soufflé cheesecakes in their current form, but there are always ways to spruce it up. You might add canned pie filling to other cheesecake varieties and the addition of the sweet fruit is an ideal way to add more flavor and sweetness to these frozen ones. Alternatively, pull out any fresh fruit like strawberries and blueberries, or lean into the Asian inspiration with yuzu or mandarins. And if you have lots of Trader Joe's products on hand, the grocer recommends pairing the dessert with its ube ice cream or mandarin oranges in syrup.